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JOy Stuff!! The Art of Noticing. A new online class 🌼😀🌿

JOy Stuff-An Online Class with Lynn Whipple

I would love to share with you my favorite ways to celebrate delight in our everyday lives. Working in my JOy Stuff sketchbook has opened up a whole new way to make art, move my hands and soak in appreciation. It has been a wonderful addition to my world and gets me off to an artful, positive and grateful beginning to each day. The best part, other than that it is fun, is the way I feel connected to the things I love!

Come join me and our super supportive, fun-loving online community as we draw, paint, write, make paper with a Gelli Plate and play. 😀 We will collage and create delightful pages and fill them with meaning. And we will extend our gratitude to others by making tiny thank you notes to love letters and more. Let’s create a joy based and portable art studio in our sketchbooks.   Starts October 3rd! Click here for more info! 

With loads of JOy!

 xoxo Lynn




hello 2016 :) 

Just goofin in the studio 🙂 

Wishing you a snappy new year!   



Feeling inspired :)

I hope you are enjoying lots of creativity these days. 2015 has been a great year for inspiration. I have truly enjoyed being a co-teacher with Carla Sonheim in our yearlong class 2015 Year of the Spark
Sharing so much artfulness with wonderful people from all over the globe has been a great gift.
Our community of talented, funny, generous creative spirits warms my heart every single day.
You guys rock!
And your art is Amazing!
So thanks to you all!!!!!!
We are continually astounded and inspired by you!!

Carla’s latest lesson has inspired me as well. She had us start by doing charcoal drawings from our childhood photos or childhood drawings. Next we paint with freedom of a child. (There are a few more steps here)

I loved doing the drawings!! Somehow my drawings took a different turn and became the bottom layer for a new series of paintings that feature flowers that are wildly overflowing in pots.

Thank you Carla for inspiring me to move my hands and trust the process 🙂 You are a tremendous artist and gifted teacher.
With love!!










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The Answers are right HERE!!!


Paper and pens and pencils, maybe a pair of scissors…… It’s all you need…
You can create ANYTHING!!!
Sketch it out!!
Write it down!!
The ideas will just keep coming when you move your hands!!
Simple goodness!!
So great!


Creativity is a gift to yourself

Been thinking about how enriching it is to move your hands … It never fails to give a smile or let your mind flow in a way that feels good.. It’s like exercise for your brain!! So do a little happy for yourself!! Let your sparks fly!!
With love!!


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Happy day of Thanks!


Quite simply, we all have so very much to smile over. Dear pals, beautiful sky’s, fur people, painting, color, laughter, fresh air, singing out loud, swings, water, dancing, chocolate, cooking, harmonizing, playing outdoors, learning, funny stuff….and that is just the tip of the iceberg that is a list of great things to be thankful for!
oh, and I love you!!
make stuff and enjoy as much as possible!!









I have no words to describe The Gigantic Joy of Collage Workshop this weekend at the Ah Ha School in Telluride Colorado….

Ok, I think I can muster up a few 🙂

Stunning, glorious, fun, über creative, joyous, easy, lots of laugher, free flowing, friendly, daring, happy, full, generous, loving, light-filled, well paced, exciting, extremely fabulous, kind, smart, airy, mountainy, stretchy and expansive with a side of awesomeness sandwiched between wrap around porches, a rolling river and a little garage sale to boot.

SERSLY, the best workshops experiences are directly related to the “wonderfulness level” of the people involved. And this was especially amazing and in a gorgeous setting.
I am so lucky! I can’t thank you enough dearest Amy, Sarah, Suzette, Sue, Merle, Nancy, Yuko, Veneta and sweet John. You all are amazing and lovely and talented and fun. It was great spending time together. You are each so gifted and I learned so much from all of you.

And a very special thanks to everyone at the Ah Ha School. You are doing beautiful things in the world every single day. We appreciate you!

I can’t wait to do it again!
With giant heaps of gratitude!








Don’t you love singing, especially with friends? I do!!

ditty of the day

I hope you all had amazing and joyous holidays that were filled with OH so much giving and laughter and delicious food, and sugar and fun and “Oh Be Joyful” (the family nog) and tender moments and music and twinkly lights and EVERYTHING your heart desires with just a teeny sprinkle of family nuttiness and a dollop of home made whipped cream (extra vanilla) to top it all off.

And now it’s time to begin a fresh NEW year! YAY!

Here is a goofy idea to kick off the good times. My brilliant, talented and beautiful pal Margo and I wanted to begin a little give and take, find and share, LOOK,SEE,DO spot where we can celebrate yummy visual goodness and delicious creative acts that inspire us and make us want to move our hands and engage our curious minds. Just two dopey friends, who live across the country, who want to chit chat and share things that we find exciting.

I say we start with a little somethin-somethin I am going to call “The Ditty of the Day” Margo said her new years resolution was to play the guitar 300 out of 365 days this year. I love that! Don’t you love that?? So this is a starting place to keep us in the game. Now, I am not saying which days this will happen, haaaaa, but at least lets let the dialogue begin!!

Also look for our new blog called Follow the fun 🙂


Time to crack open new creative projects!! YAYAYAA!!!!


My last outdoor show of the season was yesterday!


Looking towards new projects and cracking open the next creative chapter!!!!

We just finished the last show of the season! It was an amazing summer with shows and trips all over our pretty country. The beloved fur people even went along for the ride when we went to Telluride Colorado, which was a total treat 🙂


Life is good, there are so many wonderful things to see and do and taste and enjoy and try, that I can’t wait for this new chapter to begin. And it begins TODAY!!!!

I am ready to focus on a whole new art making experience! I am seeking new ways of sharing creativity, which could not be more exciting! In my perfect world, my days will conist of more music making, painting outside, more designing and studio time with the dogs, more writing about and encouraging creativity, my favorite fun brain storming with my pals, laughing and sharing the love!!! And that’s just the short list!

Whats coming up for you?
I think we should encourage each other!!
Cheers and BIG LOVE!!!


Have a beautiful day!!! Xoxoox