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life is good


throw the ball throw the ball


This is one of those posts where I think I should just jot something down.  Its been busy here, lots of house guests and shows, and dogs and music and changes too.  I lost a dear friend recently and its been very sad, but such a huge loss makes you appreciate all you have and how important your people are. I dearly loved my girl Leslie Lou and we will all miss her huge spirit and fantastic sense of humor and big, warm laugh. She was a keeper!

Love is good, in all its forms, and we have to embrace it whatever way it shows up. Life is good too! Savor the little stuff, the details, soft bright green grass, the smell of your coffee and your friends laugh, and that cute way their eyes crinkly on the edges. There is much to do, and much to be grateful for, and so much to learn. I think the trick is to just stop and take it all in and breath it. 

And pet the fur people! they give a special kind of love that is deeper than 1000 oceans. 



for the love of art. teachers.


beautiful bird by art teacher Mrs. Ashcraft


I heard this morning, of the passing of a beloved and talented music teacher at the school where we have been working as visiting artists. I had never met this man, but in the past week, I have wandered thru the Visual Arts area, past the Music and Theater Departments, and beamed as I watched teenage boys spilling out into the world singing and laughing.

I peeked into a room filled with the most beautiful Orchestra instruments. Large burnished, chestnut colored cellos, gleaming brass horns, chairs and music stands. 

I heard a piano being played and caught a glimpse of students gathered around in song. AH HA, I thought, this must a Glee Club!

I stopped and studied the dozens and dozens of proudly framed theatre posters that spoke so brightly of the heightened thrills and excitement of putting on a school play.

I can only imagine what a caring person and teacher this man was judging from the simple joy I felt walking through these halls. Amazing art teachers are a special breed and spread more love, inspiration and good will than is possible to measure. Their gifts are felt in each song sung, instrument played, artwork created and actor’s voice. Through the lives of every student, a good teacher’s touch and artistic encouragement continues to reach others. I have to tell you, that this makes me cry, because we have all been blessed with a teacher, or several like this, who has effected us in such a profound, giving and creative way.

For those who knew Mr. Jonathan May, I am sending you love and wishes that your sadness is tempered with the joy of knowing someone so lovely.
On a personal note, I am saying my thanks to my third grade teacher, Mrs. Courtney.
Her Julia Child like enthusiasm and kind encouragement made me first feel as if I were an artist.
I also send gigantic and happy gratitude to the man I refer to as “my teacher” Mr. David Passalaqua.
At this moment, I am stunned by the number of names that are reeling up in my mind, so many friends, family members other artists who have taught and inspired me.
Thank you all for your generous gifts. Please know that your presence in the world has a truly positive and powerful effect on so many. I honor you and love you, and wish share chocolate, laughter and gratitude with each and every one of you!
yours in creativity,