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harbinger: noun. a forerunner of things to come

just a little somethin-somethin new from the studio

Glorious, sweet spring is approaching, and with it, a whole new season of shows. I have been playing in the studio for months, but until Mr. Deadline comes a knocking, not much new work actually goes to the finish line. It’s just the truth. For me anyway. I can la la la la la, goof and mess around on a piece, or several, but I have this little voice in my head that says, “Hey, that looks great, but, I bet you can make it better, so don’t call it done, not just yet.” So it sits…..and waits…. for that last gasp of Girl Genius to plop over and do the one brilliant thing that will take us both to the promise land. 

And let me be clear. That Girl Genius….she is fickle!! 

I might even call her a bit of a hussy, but I don’t want to piss her off. Without her, I can easily get to mediocre, or even OK, but I am hoping for a little more jazzy jazz in my finishes. That tiny crunch of sea salt in my chocolate, that extra something that feels like the first sip of cold beer on a Friday night.

I pine for the one drop of genius that will polish smooth my rough edges and infuse the work with the buoyant quality of a new graduate.

We hope. We always hope. Sometimes, closer to 83% is what we get, but as long as we know it’s possible to go further, then the game continues. I like that.

happy spring



some work in progress!

Here is a quick look at what’s happening in the studio today. I am getting ready for the spring show season which is starting very soon!! I got all excited about these backgrounds I was making for some large boxes. They are just sweet pages from my cache of journals and found books. Sometimes this step is so yummy, you hate to cover it up, but you must press on! Mess it up, push it further, play it out! You can’t actually screw it up, whatever you do is just a layer. Life is good, especially when you are making stuff.