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I just found this this post on my phone! It was lost in the ether and it’s old, but I was so excited about expanding my studio so let’s see if it will post!

Does it count as a blog post if I am sitting at my fav coffee spot on Park Ave sipping iced coffee with my feet up? I’m in a pool of sun, just like a cat. Mice! That’s cat talk for nice.

We, intern and I, have been putting in long hours lately, totally organizing my studio. I would say reorganizing, but that would mean it had some organization to begin with.

It’s been ridiculously fun, mainly because intern is hysterical, and somehow it turned into a total expansion, which is super exciting. We are making space for the larger, gushy new paintings in my future.
On a food note, we were fuled by frozen yogurt, iced latte’s and Ikea’s delicious balls of meat.

So today, I am putting me feets up. Handyman Kevin and my sweet John are moving the biggest wall back 4 feet, creating our new snazzy and functional storage space and giving me a huge painting wall, with a bonus new and improved music corner.