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Creative Wish


This is MY CREATIVE WISH FOR YOU!  It’s a little thing I wrote a while back about how important it is for us to make things and create and play and feel free to explore. I hope you like it!

There is a longer version too, that I might add soon!


13 thoughts on “Creative Wish

  1. Lynn, I have been a fan of your work for so long and stumbled across this recently and just really love it. I have recently recommitted myself to my creative path and this is like sun shining on my creative soul. Thank you for this and for your wonderful and inspiring work!

  2. Lynn,
    Your playful verve for life emenates from your booth each time I happen by it at local shows and i’m always drawn in to explore, most recently in Mt.Dora.
    I was sure to follow up by visiting your site and blog, WHAT AN INSPIRATION! Im so glad I did. Thank you for sharing your art/life/world.Thank you for the creative wish video. Thank you so much.
    I have been sidetracked off of a serious artistic path for some time now. You inspire me to get back on it. I just keep waiting for more space or the right time…wah wah…
    You are right. We all must create. I MUST use all of the boxes of collected thimbles and buttons and broken jewelry and rocks and doll heads and other “treasures” that I have insisted I would use to “make stuff”. I’m gonna DO IT!!! THANK YOU XXXXXX Im going to go make something. 🙂

    • Yes yes yes yes yes yes and thank you! You are ready!! Move your hands and the rest will just unfold. It’s a glorious thing!

      Thanks for those kind words.
      Sending love!!!

  3. i love your whole site, LOVE this wish you have wished and love you….muey muchoxoxo

  4. Thanks – I needed that.

  5. hi!! im sorry to leave you a comment but i cant work out how to send you a message!!! sorry! x x x i love your work and so does your teacher! we’re doing a project in school and i cant find much out about your life. ive only got paintings! as lovely as they are, we need personal information. any help will be EXTREMELY helpfull to me and my friends!! thank you!!! x x x

    hannah frampton, 13
    cheshire, england!!! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Go Hannah!!
      Welp, I’m a girl from Winter Park Florida,
      Live on a pretty lake with my artist hubby the talented John Whipple,
      We have 2 golden retrievers who are extremely good at fetch and endlessly entertaining.
      My studio is a shared warehouse space with 23 other artists who are our dear pals and all excellent at their different ways of expressing their individual ideas. I love them like family!
      I am tall, a bit of a goodball, have dark hair, like to dance, play banjo and guitar badly but happily, love to sing,la la la laaaaaaa, pretty good at FOOSBALL and ping pong, totally into being outdoors and am enthralled by nature, color, design, making art and travel and good food and anything fun.
      Ok!! Enough about me! I would love to hear more about your project, and thank your teacher for me for getting your class interested in art and artists.
      I am giving you and A +++++

      • thank you!!! x x x im sure i will get an A +++++ with your help!!!! Im from a little village called ness and live here with my mum dad and my little brother ben (10) im normal height and have brown hair and go to a grammar school on the wirral. i LOVE singing and attend lessons regualy and also love art but sadly im not very good!!!! ive always wanted a dog, specially a retreiver, but do have 2 guinea pigs, tiger and whiskers, a dwarf hamster called nugget and 3 fish called fish chips and cheeseburger!!!! i also love foosball but over here its called table football and i have one in my conservetry which i beat my brother on regulary!!!!! i also love cooking!!! i would love outdoors stuff but sadly its allways raining here!!! x x x 😀 both my parents are musicians so obviously id play an instrument too!!!! i play cornet (grade 5) and pianno (grade 2) and once started the guitar but never continued!!! my favouite band is mcfly and im sort of obsessed with them but also like american bands like big time rush!!!!! i hope i havnt said too much and i hope we can keep messaging!!! or even on facebook anyway thanks again!!! :p

  6. This is so much fun to watch this and so so inspiring!! love it! by the way my first try at the joy of collage went awesomely well!!

  7. Fantastic!!!! I’m
    So happy joy of collage is making you happy! That makes me happy!! 🙂 XOXOXOX

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