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My Dogs

Just love this list from Carla, her sweet pups!


Hello everyone!

The above “list painting” is totally inspired by Lynn Whipple’s current Wordplay class… I am so inspired after filming our artists that I usually go right home and do the assignments (though this is a simplification of Lynn’s assignment).

Recently I have been revisiting my childhood in lots of my sketchbooks, and this list is “mostly” dogs I had as a child (all but Roxy)… sweet and sad memories both with this list, as all of our dogs lived too-short lives for one reason or another. 😦

I’m of a mind to delete that last paragraph (a downer!), but it is what it is, and art lets us process these things.

Yay, art!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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oh goodie! books, words, painting, play! Word Play Painting starts tomorrow!


In this class we will take yummy old found books and use them as our personal art laboratory. And words will be our muse! Words are chock full of inspiration…the way they look when we write them, the way they add meaning to our work, the way we can use them a visual element and the way they give us great ideas to infuse in our artwork. Plus they are fun! Join in! Class starts tomorrow! 6 lessons over two weeks, and the class is a forever class, so you can join now and still access the content anytime in the future that you like! And we have a great community online to share our works, meet likeminded folks and get positive feedback and inspiration 🙂 I would love to have you with us! xoxo All my best, Lynn

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Feeling inspired :)

I hope you are enjoying lots of creativity these days. 2015 has been a great year for inspiration. I have truly enjoyed being a co-teacher with Carla Sonheim in our yearlong class 2015 Year of the Spark
Sharing so much artfulness with wonderful people from all over the globe has been a great gift.
Our community of talented, funny, generous creative spirits warms my heart every single day.
You guys rock!
And your art is Amazing!
So thanks to you all!!!!!!
We are continually astounded and inspired by you!!

Carla’s latest lesson has inspired me as well. She had us start by doing charcoal drawings from our childhood photos or childhood drawings. Next we paint with freedom of a child. (There are a few more steps here)

I loved doing the drawings!! Somehow my drawings took a different turn and became the bottom layer for a new series of paintings that feature flowers that are wildly overflowing in pots.

Thank you Carla for inspiring me to move my hands and trust the process 🙂 You are a tremendous artist and gifted teacher.
With love!!










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