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JOy Stuff!! The Art of Noticing. A new online class 🌼😀🌿

JOy Stuff-An Online Class with Lynn Whipple

I would love to share with you my favorite ways to celebrate delight in our everyday lives. Working in my JOy Stuff sketchbook has opened up a whole new way to make art, move my hands and soak in appreciation. It has been a wonderful addition to my world and gets me off to an artful, positive and grateful beginning to each day. The best part, other than that it is fun, is the way I feel connected to the things I love!

Come join me and our super supportive, fun-loving online community as we draw, paint, write, make paper with a Gelli Plate and play. 😀 We will collage and create delightful pages and fill them with meaning. And we will extend our gratitude to others by making tiny thank you notes to love letters and more. Let’s create a joy based and portable art studio in our sketchbooks.   Starts October 3rd! Click here for more info! 

With loads of JOy!

 xoxo Lynn




The new Somerset Apprentice is here!

Thrilled to be among so many talented folks in the Autumn 2015 issue 🙂 Catt Kerr, Lynne Perrella, Sharon Payne Bolton (I love her cover piece) Lori Sparkley Franklin, Olga Siedlecka, Laly Mille (her winged key is divine) Kelli May-Krenz… This is a long list… And there is more!!

Lots and lots of great inspiration, information and artful insights. Check it out, on newsstands Sept 1. Yay!!!!

A special thank you to editor Jana Holstein, who is a dream to work with. Jana you are funny, kind and you always put together a gorgeous magazine:)






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Rock, Paper, Scissors! Inspiration and art in the great outdoors!! Starts tomorrow

Join me for this fun class where we will make art and play outside! STARTS TOMORROW!

We will be drawing, painting, photographing and combining things in a fresh way.

Part of the “Lunch hour ART series” you can enjoy three bite sized, playful, online lessons this week!

There is so much to love in our beautiful, natural world. We will be inspired by nature’s wonderful designs, shapes, colors, textures and more! I would love to see you there!

click here!


Collage for The Documented Life Project

I’m excited to be a featured artist for Art to the 5th’s Documented Life Project
This weeks challenge asks us to use ephemera, old photos and to focus on memories.
Our Prompt quote is by the very popular singer, songwriter Jim Croce, “All that I have are these to remember you. ”

Of course, I do LOVE an old photo and some fabulous found paper, so I set about to build a small flower bouquet of family members, held by a sprite of a young gal.
Here are some photos of my process, see if you can spot the finished piece 🙂










My supplies for this challenge include: gloss medium by Liquitex, acrylic paint, white, red, raw umber for a wash, pencil, found images, old maps, pages from old magazines.
I started by laying down collage bits, chose my “hero” image, added more photos for small flowers, edited with white paint, smudged with pencil around the edges of my collages and tied it all together with small taps of color 🙂
Thanks to everyone at for inviting me to play! I really had a blast with this challenge 🙂 great prompts!


Paper stars for you

Working on a Comission tonight … Can you guess what these are for?

Wishing you a happy creative week! Xoxo




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Great online Art Class in June!

Collage is so so so much fun!!
check out Joy of Collage online class


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Fun conversation and a free class giveaway!!!

A lovely time chatting with Sue of Irreversibly Moi 🙂 She is a kind and open hearted artist who is fun to laugh with and asks great questions. She feels instantly like a friend.
Register for a free drawing for a Joy of Collage too!! Yay!!
Thanks Sue!! check it out here!!



The Ninny Series!!! Thank you Somerset Memories Spring 2015!



Always nice to get to chat about collage, mixed media and all the fun ways to make art!!
Have a great day!!

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Thank you Mary Englebreit !!


Holy moly!! This was an article in Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion about 700 years ago:)
And wait, my studio hasn’t changed a bit!!! It’s still brimming with pieces and parts and ideas in progress..
I hope yours is too 😄
I am just about to make stuff and move my hands, ahhhhhh, …….my favorite thing 🙂


Creativity is a gift to yourself

Been thinking about how enriching it is to move your hands … It never fails to give a smile or let your mind flow in a way that feels good.. It’s like exercise for your brain!! So do a little happy for yourself!! Let your sparks fly!!
With love!!


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