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love you mom!

Happy Mothers Day! OMG I started writing this whole blooming thing about sisters and family and how much they mean and, and ,and…..I really just want to say how much I love my family. that’s it! Today we all went on a Zipline experience at our local zoo and it was so much fun. My oldest sister is here visiting as well as my sweet niece. We had about 10 people and it was a fantastic group. My mom is so amazing, and fun and funny, and determined and smart and independent and artful and positive and easy going and giving. She did the entire extreme zip thing and made it look easy. I like her.

Thanks for being a real role model mom, in more ways than I could ever count. I love you! xoxoox

A high climb!

my durn iphone case is so cute, but it slips and makes this blue hazy thing. sorry.

super tricky part


And then we had homemade chocolate cake with whipped cream peppermint frosting, ala my sweet niece and sister, and hung out in her beautiful courtyard garden and talked about plants and birds.

There were 700 million other tiny wonderful things today including warm laughs and beautifully hand wrapped homemade gifts and picnic activities, (my favorite was Riley launching baby carrots from a partially blown up sandwich bag) There was acceptance and acomplishment and that glorious feeling of playing in nature with your people. The kind of activity that creates a fondness that you don’t actually name but floats all around you in full, generous moments that are crystalized in your mind by the amazing bits of light falling from trees.  

I wish I could put all into words. There was so much more, but, you know how you are aware of good things as they are happening and you make that little inside smile, look around, breath in and pause to imprint it in your skin?  How you savor it in slow motion to seal it in your bones? it was like that. xoxo