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Art is our Nature :)


Hiya!! Its fall!!!! I have been so inspired by one of my favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy, that I have been having fun playing with nature. PURE JOY!!


My handful of squirrel snacks, nuts that have fallen from our cypress trees.

Do you know the artist Andy Goldsworthy? I bet you do, but if not, I have to tell you he is a genuine genius!! The kind of artist that makes such poetic beauty, that my secret dream is to run away and beg to be his personal assistant, intern, leaf gatherer, coffee stirrer….I would gladly laugh at all his jokes and wash his car. Sersly, I am a fan. His life seems magical to me. His work is a collaboration with nature and simply put, transportive.

Here is Andy working on one of my favorite pieces.


Early morning calm. Knotweed stalks pushed to lake bottom made complete by their own reflections. Derwent Water, Cumbria. March 1988


Andy Goldsworthy. Leaves on leaves pressed flat with spit, held to ground with stalks and thorns. Windy. Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton. 1987

Yummmm!! All of Andy’s books are amazing and there is a beautiful documentary film on him called “Rivers and Tides”


http://Andy Goldsworthy


4 thoughts on “Art is our Nature :)

  1. You are such an inspiration to us all!!!

    I´m so blessed to get sprinkled by your daily energy and enthusiasm,
    it reaches all the way to Scandinavia.

    Grateful Greetings from

  2. You my dear Tina are the one!! you bring so much love and enthuisiam to all of your creativity. Your input on Daily Drawing Community makes it sing and inspires me every day 🙂

    Sending love!

  3. Thanks for the link! I wasn’t familiar with Andy’s work. Slate Arch is facinating, especially imagining the process on the first attempts…

    • Hes a goodie!! I love his quiet dedication. And that he works in the most beautiful places!
      And Mary, i loved your thoughtful reply to my email! I am so LUCKY to know you!!
      My reply is in the works!
      You guys are wonderful!!
      FOUND is wondeful!!

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