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a ninny

a ninny

If I was a painter, and I am working on that, I would paint the sky right now! It’s raining, but the color is somewhere between lilac/grey and yella/grey green, plus several shades of “white”. White is a tricky one, cause it’s not really white, but pale, soft, lightness at the moment…..hummmm, the whitest thing is the lightning and it’s WAY bright. This painting thing is a puzzle to me. It is one of those games that I could play for years and not even scratch the surface. Other than that, its a good work day, I am making mostly mixed media today. Several pieces and parts that make me laugh. I want these little guys to hopefully find their homes in a box some day…soon, let’s say, before the show coming up in Chicago.It’s funny how they evolve. I will cannibalize anything if it works better with something else, and if it makes me giggle. I am about to open up some framed stuff right now, so I can sew them all together….they need each other, badly! They aren’t quite standing on their own. I am not mad at them, it’s called evolution. the unfolding process, step 17…. yeah, that’s it, it’s all good! 
I will keep at it! I notice that music often helps this process. Happy Memorial Day!





Hello world!



thanks for visiting my blog

thanks for visiting my blog

Greetings and salutations.



Howdy and hiya.

And, as my old phone message used say, hello, hello, hello!!

Here’s the deal: I like stuff. and by stuff, I mean just about everything. Really. So many things to notice, celebrate, react to and appreciate.  Today’s thing has something to do with tenacity.  As many new bloggers might tell you, getting a new blog up can be a bit of a stretch. Lots of choices, themes, templates, images, fonts and formats. But here it is. I started hours ago, and even with header number 23, which is just ok, I am off. It will get better, and smoother and creamier.  Since I am an artist…. I like brownies!!! haaa, my husband just walked in with a HUGE brownie and dagnabit, that puppy is GOOD! I have no willpower, but we do enjoy. That may be a bigger theme. Enjoying! Now we are talking. What did I enjoy today?

1. several good, loud, round, full laughs with my friend (and today, slightly hormonal) Jamie 

2. smiling at 2 orange dogs. Tally for ball throwing: 125,364. Tally for tall wagging: 18,297,473,930,234.  

3. smelling chicken cooking with spices and ghee.

4. reading with small, white and grey striped, one eyed, purring cat on lap

5. iced coffee with my friend Larry aka Fred    

6. learning about a cool collaboration coming up with artist Anna Tomczak                                    

7. making a bank deposit (the more of these the merrier)

8. getting this blog up, finally!!

9. planning a trip to do a workshop in Kansas City.

10. and all the people, traffic, chit chat and Dancing with the Stars in between

sending lOve!

xoxo Lynn

p.s. and remember, as my friend Dale Jarrett sez: Bacon is the candy of meat.