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drawing tastes good

I find my new daily drawing practice is most nourishing. There is great pleasure in taking even a few minutes each day and translating what you see or feel into the smooth line of a pencil or pen. Quick sketches where you grab shapes through your eyes and then let them pour out through your fingers, are invigorating as well as freeing. Drawing enhances your seeing, which enhances your enjoyment as you move through the world. It also helps any artistic practice, from painting to collage to songwriting. Plus its fun, and you get better very quickly, which is cool.
Recently I started a page on Facebook that was a supportive place to share your drawings and sketches and to glean information about the many ways we communicate through line, shape and mark. It’s called Daily Drawing Community, please press “like” and join in. It’s a cool, relaxed and happy place to celebrate the Power of Observation.


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Come make stuff with us! Sharing the joy of the creative process, 2 new workshops at FOUND!

installation at Hidell Brooks Gallery

If I was to make a mini list of my favorite things, it might look like this:

1. Laugh
2. Make stuff
3. Play with friends
4. Talk about art and the creative process
5. Learn new things

I can’t think of a better way to do all of these things, with wonderful people in an inspiring setting, than to join together for a mixed media workshop. What could possibly be more fun than sharing ideas, techniques and time with like minded folks?? Oh, yes, and there is usually great food! In this case FOUND Gallery is right next to Zingermans Deli in KerryTown, Michigan! Holy three pound brownies, Batman, I can’t wait to enjoy these amazing treats!

Lately, as a teacher and an artist, the thing that really turns my ticket is the creative process itself. I am really enjoying putting my focus on what this “making stuff” looks like and how we navigate through all the steps that result in a finished piece. I believe that one of the great pleasures in life is taking the tiny seed of an idea all the way to a tangible reality…and then sharing it. YES!!

So in the upcoming workshops, count on lots of new info on how to make your creative dreams become a reality. Another thing to look forward to is a new set of design exercises. I love collage and drawing and want to take some time to discuss how important composition is in all things! Art making is such a rich and varied pursuit, lets celebrate it together!

All my bestest best!!


I am thrilled to be a part of a great new book, Art Saves! A wonderful collection of inspiration

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I love this book, and I love its author Jenny Doh. We are all richer for the glorious gifts creativity brings to our lives. Jenny has collected stories from several wonderful artists, that illustrate just how transformative art can be. With beautiful images, prompts to spur on each individuals spark, and words of encouragement about the everyday encounters that are enhanced by moving our hands.

For Art Saves, I shared the story of my extroidinarly talented, funny and very busy mother-in-law, Marty Whipple. Marty has a great personality and is a creative force! For over 30 years, Marty has dazzled the world with her amazing talents showing work that included over the years, mixed media jewelery, sculpture, hand painted photography, collages, oil paintings and more. She shared her artistic life with her family, friends and with George, her beloved husband of over 50 years. George was one of the nicest people you could ever meet and his greatest joy was to support and enhance everyone in his family’s dreams. George and Marty were quite a team, while both incredibally social and fun loving, George took care of every business detail and Marty was able to concentrate on all things creative. When we lost our wonderful George, the sadness was unbearable but for Marty, her entire world shifted. Life just wasn’t the same. Very slowly, and over time, the thing that brought Marty back to life was her art. She began writing and working again in her studio, and little by little she seemed ready and able to live and thrive again. I remember George taking us aside in the hospital room and whispering in our ears on several occasions, ” Make sure she keeps on working and making art.” He was right, knew the power of art. 🙂

Thank you Jenny for reminding us in so many lovely ways of the gifts of creativity.