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Send a little lovely out into the world


a tiny epiphany during a recent sunrise….

My friend Rachel told me she likes to plant a seed every day.     Isn’t that nice?

I’ve been thinking about it. If we put a little somethin-somethin out in the world everyday, a small chunk of goodness or a kind thought or the seed-spark of an idea that will help light someone up in the future, then imagine how these tiny gifts might spur on other tiny gifts…..


It’s a happiness pyramid scheme, but free and positive. sweet!!

The ripple effect.

Or that butterfly wing thing…

go do a little somethin today……

put a little lovely out into the world.

you are the best!



my fancypants, high-falutin’ artistic statement. (make throat clearing noises now)

Writing an Artist Statement can be a bear. Seriously, most artists I know find writing them painful and yucky and would rather be extracting hot, molton lava from between the teeth of pissed off barracuda, or be changing the flat tire of a greyhound bus filled with 27 rabid wild hyenas and one sick, diarreahic, yak during a hail storm….with lightning.

Anyhoo, here is mine in pretty helvetica type:

Lynn Whipple
Artistic Statement

I realleeeeee enjoy making stuff
First I collect stuff
then I collage stuff
next I add some found stuff
and finally I draw some stuff
usually there is some sort of a story with my stuff


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It’s so nice to be home

That was a great trip! I love summer and I love traveling and I love art and I love food. People are good too. It was a really excellent 3 week tour, and as much excitement you as you feel when experiencing new sights and sounds and flavors, it is so wonderful to come home. HOme is the place where your people are and your pets and your sweet lake and very own studio. HOme is your neighbors and your yard and your bicycle and your coffee shop and your grocery and all the little stuff you have figured out for your daily round. The perfect frozen yogurt place, your yoga studio and your cute dress shop, and the other half of your band, The Partials. It’s a perfect complement to the travel. Travel and coming home, they play off each other in the most balancing way. One enhances the other, like salty, crinkly, crispy, french fries and a super cold, chocolate shake, with whipped cream. nommmmmm nomm

charcoal 16 x 20

One of the great things about being home is getting back out to paint! YeaH! This ongoing fascination with the attempt to capture the beauty of nature is at once deeply nourishing and exhilaratingly (is that a word?) challenging. And, you get to be outside. I love that part. And hang with friends. It’s the perfect way to start your day. Here are a few charcoal drawings and a painting from the last few days. Don Don and Tim and I have been drawing and painting at Rollins College in Winter Park. We are like little kids at summer camp, we are so dopey. Don Don has been painting for years, Tim and I are kinda new. Thank you Don for all your patience and generous encouragement. You embody the the true “primal spirit”….. “I jump in it!”


p.s. Things on the horizon….I am working on an AVAILABLE WORK page, which hopefully will be up next week! Now, if I can only figure out the shopping cart thingy…….