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if these studio walls could talk!


one giant journal entry!


My studio is big and okay, a little messy, laboratory of ideas. I like to see and keep track of, words, phrases, cool pieces and parts, found objects and snippets of fluff that I find interesting. They act as seed ideas.

ideas I want to keep track of visually


It feeds my thinking to play like this. The things that get put on the walls speak to a notion or possibility that I am toying with. It’s as if they are marinating in my eyes, and working quietly in the back of my mind, waiting for the moment I when I am able to put them to use.

an enraged rose, threatening to bloom


Colette! This one is for YOU! Colette mentioned this lovely quote and I popped it right up on the wall! 

I wrote her quote just above a great list of words I saved and savored from a kind professor about a essay I wrote. Here is what he said: An unexpected take of joy, a person who finds such awe, enormously enthusiastic, enamored, engaging, enticing and enthralling. You sold me. 

Sometimes I uncover that hand drawn, penciled list on my wall, and it never fails to make me stop and smile. 

a sweet card from my adorable 6 year old friend Anabelle

This is a beautiful Easter card from my sweet 6 year old pal Anabelle. You have never seen such an adorable girl! Sersly! I need a picture of her with her big blue eyes and round glasses! 

We barely covered a part of one wall! More to come! Does anyone else work this way? How do you keep up with the ideas you have in your mind for future work? How do you organize things?

I have always loved seeing artists in their studios and I am lucky to work in a shared warehouse with 20 other artists. Most of us have been friends for over 15 years (wow) and we are very much a family . We hang out in each others spaces, chitchat, laugh, have deep discussions about art, snack, laugh, eat chocolate, keep up on what each other is working on, play music, laugh, go to each others openings and basically goof off. When I think about it, everybody has a different way of keeping their studio, and each space is inspiring. I think it helps us all to feed off each others artistic energy. I know I have learned so much about so many things working in a shared artistic community. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 




mess 101

I just returned from my trip University of Miami. Wow, it was a complete pleasure. Professor Henry Green was amazing. His grad students were some of the most positive people I have met. The cool thing was, that my  art exercise was set up as a surprise for the students. They were told to wear something to get messy in and bring some copies of their journal pages and some photos. So, as I told my friend Larry, I was a MYSTERY GUEST!!! oooooohhhh la la! I like that! 

But, the surprise was on me. I didn’t realize that everyone in the class had created a 3D self portrait as a previous project. As each person went around the room and spoke about what they had made and why, I was mesmerised. I can not imagine a better way to be introduced to a new group of people. Each story and portrait was so different, creative and heart-felt. It was a privilege and really nice experience. 

And then…. we made a MESS!! hahah! Paper down, glue out, photos flying, scissors snipping, brushes brushing, paint and water and pastels and holy poop! It was a frenzy of making stuff! None of these students considered themselves artists, they didn’t even know there were going to have an art experience last night, but it was, in my opinion, a smashing success. I believe that everyone is innately creative. We all have it. Sometimes it just takes permission and a fun place to play…. and a big pile of freedom and some laughter and some chocolate and some good conversation and some goofy ideas and a place to make a mess and and and……

ni nite, some chocolate ice cream just walked through the door, gotta go

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a little jaunt!


a little somethin-somethin


Tomorrow morning, I hop into my little red tomato and head down to University of Miami, where I will do a surprise collage exercise with a group of Grad students! This is one of those fun things that just came up and I said…….what the hey!

Professor Henry Green and I met at Coconut Grove Arts Festival in February and he suggested I do a little somethin-somethin with his very interesting class on spirituality. I have a really fun and loose plan for them, which involves getting messy, using their journaling pages, some paint and drawing and  altering some photographs. The best part, is they  don’t know I am coming! I have tons of supplies, and they have been told to wear something they can get yucked up. I have a plan, but part of my plan is to keep it loose and free and follow what happens as it happens. All good!

I will give you a report when I return! 

Here’s to an especially open and free flowing day!