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Kids Art Week –

I couldn’t have said it better! Kids Art week has been a true Joy 🙂 thanks to all who are creating with us 🙂


I wanted to give a mid-week report on the Kids Art Week!

We are so excited that so many people have signed up… over 3,400! Many parents from all over the world doing art with their kids each day… what could be better?

Today (Thursday) Lynn Whipple has everyone making faces in nature, and the above image shows the wonderful collaborative effort by the Thomas family from the U.K.

And below is a “Picasso Dog” by Jakey, 7 years old:


So cute!!

Jakey’s mom writes:

This week has been amazing for Jakey! He is a child who was passionate about maths, science and computer games but would never pick up a pencil and draw because he always said he couldn’t. In fact when I told him I had enrolled him for this art class he cried and begged me not to make him do it. I am a firm believer in…

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New Class! “Scissors, Paper, Rock” with Lynn Whipple

A new online class! Nature!!! Yay!!

Hi there! When Lynn Whipple was here a few weeks ago, she snuck in a filming of a quick “Lunch Hour” class for August. A fun one! ;D

Scissors, Paper, Rock
A 3-Lesson, “Bite-Sized” Class with Lynn Whipple
Drawing, Watercolor, Mixed Media • $25
Class Dates: August 11-14, 2015


Love Nature? Love Art?

Then join Lynn Whipple for a summer celebration of nature through drawing, painting, cutting, collaging, documenting, photographing, rearranging and gift-giving!

Each lesson you will outside and gather both inspiration and your “pieces and parts” to use in the assignments. Inspiring shapes, colors and possible combinations are everywhere in the outdoor world. Muse artists for this class include Andy Goldsworthy, Opal Whiteley and  Tim Hawkinson (his giant rock bear is super cool)!

Your itinerary:


Lesson 1: Journaling with Nature as Our Muse
Tuesday, August 11th
Looking deeply we will appreciate the amazing design found in the great outdoors. After some drawing exercises, you’ll…

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Collage for The Documented Life Project

I’m excited to be a featured artist for Art to the 5th’s Documented Life Project
This weeks challenge asks us to use ephemera, old photos and to focus on memories.
Our Prompt quote is by the very popular singer, songwriter Jim Croce, “All that I have are these to remember you. ”

Of course, I do LOVE an old photo and some fabulous found paper, so I set about to build a small flower bouquet of family members, held by a sprite of a young gal.
Here are some photos of my process, see if you can spot the finished piece 🙂










My supplies for this challenge include: gloss medium by Liquitex, acrylic paint, white, red, raw umber for a wash, pencil, found images, old maps, pages from old magazines.
I started by laying down collage bits, chose my “hero” image, added more photos for small flowers, edited with white paint, smudged with pencil around the edges of my collages and tied it all together with small taps of color 🙂
Thanks to everyone at for inviting me to play! I really had a blast with this challenge 🙂 great prompts!


Master Copy Drawings by “Sparker” Laura Lea Laws

I have to share this great post!!

Hello! I wanted to share with you the amazing artwork of Laura Lea Laws, one of the participants of the Year of the Spark! online class. In May, one of the warmup assignments was to do ONE Master Copy Drawing. Laura has taken hold of this assignment and has delighted all of us with her incredible output of over 60 drawings!



Here are some of Laura’s thoughts about her wonderful, growing body of work:

I have done 66 master sketches so far. I think what grabbed me [about this assignment] was that, since I am not a master artist, it allowed me to let go of that idea that I would make something matching the master artist’s talent. What amazed me is no matter how I tried to draw like the artist, I was consistently finding that it looked like my artwork. So in a way it calmed my inner critic and I was able…

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Free! Kids Art Week – 6 Online Lessons – Join us!

Very excited to share ART with kids!!
FREE and FUN!! Join me the amazing Carla Sonheim and Diane Culhane 🙂 yay!!! 6 lessons!
Share the art!! Xoxox

Hi Everyone!

Lynn Whipple, Diane Culhane and I have been working on a 6-lesson class for kids! … and it’s FREE! Please share with anyone you know who has kids (or would like to create like a kid), as “kids” of all ages are welcome! But, especially, kid kids. 😀

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Kids Art Week” FREE!
with Carla Sonheim, Lynn Whipple & Diane Culhane
One-Week Class; 6 Video Lessons

Class Dates: July 27-31, 2015


Carla Sonheim, author of “Drawing Lab,” would like to invite you and your kids to join us for a week of creativity and fun. Carla is joined by artist-teachers Lynn Whipple and Diane Culhane and they have created six video lessons for kids of all ages. All you need are some basic art supplies…

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