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Why is chocolate so good? And why don’t people dance more?

If there was a black belt in chocolate.. I would be eating it. 

Seriously, I am wondering how a person might get paid to eat chocolate? Is there a column I could write? I think my appreciation of milk, dark or white chocolate goes way beyond a hobby. It’s more like a calling. Perhaps it’s a purpose.  Anyway, lately there have been lots of art openings, gatherings, holiday parties, a beautiful baby shower, and they all seem to have one common theme. The Brownie! I love the Brownie. I love everything about them. They speak to me, in their easy going, casual, friendly, charming way. Pick me up! I am harmless, in fact I will enhance your life!  It’s not a party without me. 🙂  I even like the Blondie! OH YES! That cute little golden brownie, the one that is so fantastic. You hardly ever see a Blondie, but when you do dig in, be grateful. A blondie is somewhat like white chocolate. People don’t all agree that white chocolate counts, but for my taste buds, it’s all good. Honestly, I could talk about brownies for many more hours, but I will move on to one more topic. 

Dancing. The great joy of dancing. I noticed how much I was enjoying watching people dance last night at our friends eggnog gathering.  So much fun! Kids, fathers, moms, grown ups, friends, relatives, all cutting the rug. I have to be truthful, I didn’t want to get up and out there right off the bat. I was sure my heels were to high and I would fall on my brownie padded behind, but after a while, we heard the right song (oh dear God, I believe it was Gloria Gayner) and we went for it. SO MUCH FUN! We ended up dancing the next 10 songs? Just free forming and pretending to be all “So you think you can dance.”  You can not help but laugh really hard when you dance like idiots. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the moment. In fact, there is no wrong way to dance. That is the beauty in it. So, if I was to think of a New Year’s resolution for 2010, I am going with more dancing.

When I think about resolutions I think about Nick and Claire. Nick’s resolution was to speak in a lower voice the following year. And he resolved to be taller. Also he wanted to commit more felony’s, but do less jail time. There was something in there about using more Scandinavian words, like Sven. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year. I have an idea Nick may be giving up just the “extra” cheese for 2010. Gotta have goals.

Happy Holidays! 



coco channel

We just enjoyed a really lovely movie: Coco before Channel. Coco was someone who had an amazing eye and an independence that stole my heart. She had a great love for the feel of fabric, shape, movement, comfort and style that has informed years and year of fashion. And, who does not love Audrey Tautou? Have you ever seen the movie Amelie? You must. It is one of the all time, most wonderful films of our lifetime. Her childlike wonder, artfulness and quite giving nature makes her my hero.  She is worth adoring. Audrey Tautou may be my own personal successor to Audrey Hepburn. 

I want to mention that the lights are all up in our town for the holidays. I have visited them almost every evening. To decorate a charming town center with white twinkly lights is like sprinkling jimmies on top of the icing on a cupcake. Winter Park, you look so beautiful. I am glad you are my town. I love this town. The trees are amazing, even without lights.

Happy Holidays!