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notes from a Southern artist with a large appetite

some quick musings from the road.

This morning is day one at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, we have been traveling for 2 weeks so far and it’s been a great trip, Madison Art Festival in Wisconsin, time in the Wisconsin Dell’s, Ziplining, staying with friends Mark and Beth, The House on the Rock, The Forevertron and meeting Dr. Evermore, Teaching 3 workshops at FOUND (very fun) and a bunch of other stuff like…….

Pickles eaten from Zingermans deli… 4
trips to Zingermans deli…………………6
brownies devoured from Zingermans deli……2 (each one weighs about 3 lbs)
servings of fried cheese curds dipped in cheese…..1 (a first)
a pickled egg from a jar in a bar……1 (a first)
trying a Scotch Egg (weird egg wrapped in sausage and fried somehow)…1/2 (a first)
number of brats eaten in Wisconsin alone……….3
number of brats eaten with cheese and mushrooms inside..1 AND IT WAS THE BEST!
Dilly Bar’s…..1

HOLY COW, I almost forgot the miracle of FROZEN CUSTARD!!!

number of cones of frozen custard from Culvers………3
number of cones of frozen custard from the other great place called Leon’s, who’s neon sign was amazing from the 1940’s… (in Milwaukee)……..1
number of breakfast pies from TeddyWedgers meat pies…………1/2
number of times at the bar called The Old Fashioned in Madison………3
number of times drinking wine by a Huron River with friends next to our makeshift studio set up on picnic tables………1, so far….

number of pounds I weighed when I left Florida 2 weeks ago…….125
number of pounds I weigh right now………..I have no idea, but more than 125, but worth it

when in Rome……



New work! I am excited about this new fusion of ideas

looking for worms in suits

Holy Moly, you really never know what is going to happen in the studio. That is a huge part of what keeps us coming back. There are days, when you have no idea what you are doing, and then you step back, take a look, cock your head and say…, that’s kinda cool…
This is how I feel about my latest batch of paintings. I so excited to finally merge my two of my favorite worlds. Collage/mixed media, with oil painting and landscapes. YEHAAA!!! I am pretty sure I have ended up with something that I like, a slightly mysterious landscape with a thread of narrative running through…..

We are on the road right now, flying past rolling hills, headed up to Madison, Wisconsin for a show this weekend. It’s our first time to this show and our first time in this well loved college town. So, we get the pleasure of discovering a new place, new food, new people and the extra bonus of showing fresh new work. I am excited!

Bird Walker

Sunday Landscape

a day at the zoo