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hi! I am finally HOME! 

WOW! Most of July was spent in some lovely place, other than home! It’s hard to believe it’s August already. Oh My Gosh, I should be a much better painter by now! Anyhoo, I started summer with one the the nicest trips I can remember. The first week of July was spent with 6 of my oldest girlfriends. My girls are not old, I mean we have been friends since grade school. We stayed at Cathy’s family mountain home up in North Carolina for a week together. All girls, all fun, all food, all laughter, all hiking, all drinking, all tubing, all eating, all dancing, all singing loud and off key, all hanging out on the porch in big rocking chairs, all goofing off and an all around good time! It was so fun and easy and there was even foosball and painting!!!  Cindy, Cathy, Connie, Carol, Jackie and Judy, you are funny, smart, good lookin, crazy girls, and I love you all! 

Shoooo, then it was on to Denver for Cherry Creek Art Festival, which was a large chunk of  fun. Next we went up to the mountains to see our niece Jessie marry the adorable Pete. I love weddings and this one was most excellent!! Extraordinary amounts of dancing and the best lemon wedding cake ever invented.  The amount of love and fun at this wedding was HUGE! Jess and Pete, your friends and family truly celebrated the BIG LOVE that you two share!! Makes me smile to see you two so happy!! We had a lovely time with you! Congratulations!

Well, last stop in July was Ann Arbor Arts Festival. One of the highlights was hanging out with our dear pals Todd and Kiaralinda, man they are more fun than a box of puppies! The show was a little off, but the trip was amazing. We met the most wonderful people! After the show was over, we headed over to stay with our dear friend Chris, and had a laugh fest. Our Chris know’s how to throw a party! Yessireeebobcattail!  And she knows how to wear a hat! Great food, tons of fun people, Carlos the dog and a huge show fireworks set to the musical stylings of an array of fine musicians, from Michael Jackson to Celine to Elvis!!!  It totally rocked! C.R.A. you are my hero!

The next two nights we had the sheer pleasure of staying with friends Nancy and Peter, who’s home is an architectural marvel. Their hospitality was such a joy, we didn’t want to leave. Nancy’s ceramic studio, on the bottom floor of the house, was the dream studio we all wish for. An amazing view on to their lovely property. Fabulous trees and a flowing stream.  A large, super interesting and gorgeous “dry room” and a super inspirational “wet room” with an outdoor kiln house and a stunning showing area. Nancy’s art and their entire collection was a simple joy to explore. Every surface of their home was hand made, and perfectly crafted. A feast of artistic and natural beauty! I could go on and on and on!  It was a treat! The nicest people on the planet! The next day they took us to visit a friend of theirs in downtown Detroit. It’s called the Heidelberg project. An old, neglected neighborhood turned into an artists environment that is a feast for the soul. Joyous, powerful and uplifting. Really reminds you of the power of art and the importance one person’s vision to inspire others. Same thing at our new friends place in Birmingham, Mi, Wayne and Sheri! Amazing art and home! Full of love and creativity. Thanks for sharing you guys. Love ya!

One more stop at our fabulous friends Laura and Gary Gleason’s home in Cincinatti! Another amazing, warm, lovely, comfortable, art filled home! Laura is extraordinary in every way when it comes to making you feel at home. Plus, she is a foodie! I love hanging out in their kitchen, could do it forever. Every visit, she turns us on to some amazing new food thing we have never heard of. This trip it was these special Belgium Waffles that the entire world must taste! This sweet, heavy, sugary, king of waffles, made history in my mouth. that sounded weird, but SO SOOOO good! The whole visit was great. I really enjoyed painting together on the porch one rainy afternoon, then went out for a spectactuluar dinner. Great conversation and excellent food! ALL GOOD! Love you guys.

Well, this sounds like “what I did with my summer vacation” and it kinda was! I love traveling. We are so lucky to get to play as we work. It’s great to be exposed to new sounds, new tastes. To see things with fresh eyes, and enjoy old and new friends. It’s mostly about art, food and laughing!

I hope your summer has been full of things you love and treasure. That you have had some time to savor the little stuff. Put your feet in the grass, and hang out with people and animals you love. Fill the cup! Share the LOVe!

Happy August to everyone.