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JOy Stuff!! The Art of Noticing. A new online class 🌼😀🌿

JOy Stuff-An Online Class with Lynn Whipple

I would love to share with you my favorite ways to celebrate delight in our everyday lives. Working in my JOy Stuff sketchbook has opened up a whole new way to make art, move my hands and soak in appreciation. It has been a wonderful addition to my world and gets me off to an artful, positive and grateful beginning to each day. The best part, other than that it is fun, is the way I feel connected to the things I love!

Come join me and our super supportive, fun-loving online community as we draw, paint, write, make paper with a Gelli Plate and play. 😀 We will collage and create delightful pages and fill them with meaning. And we will extend our gratitude to others by making tiny thank you notes to love letters and more. Let’s create a joy based and portable art studio in our sketchbooks.   Starts October 3rd! Click here for more info! 

With loads of JOy!

 xoxo Lynn




Top Ten List of Signs that I Might be Addicted to Painting

who needs turpentine?

So, I woke up all sleepy-ish to let the big dogs out, made a little coffee, stumbled out to see the sunrise and I was so taken by how beautiful it was that I immediately set up the easel to catch one quick painting……….

Warning: If you can recognize yourself in 3 or more of these statements, you may have a serious “Art Related Issue”

(Subtitle: How I spent yesterday)

1. Have you ever realized, at 4:30 in the afternoon that you still have your hair in that weird, spikey pony tail thing that you do in order to wash your face in the morning? Oh my.

2. Have you ever heard yourself mumbling, quite loudly, phrases such as: “Dang!!! What the hell color is that, anyway???” or “Maybe I should do just one more small one” or “CRAPIZOID! I think I nailed it!!!”

3. Have you ever caught yourself frantically rummaging through your drawers and cupboards, like a panicky crazy lady, in search of nail polish remover when you realize that you just ran out of solvent?  Its not a good look.

4. In your painting excitement, have you ever accidentally knocked over your easel, flipping paint, your painting, your coffee, solvent, brushes, wadded up paper towels, etc all over the entire yard and looked around quickly to make sure no one witnessed your clumsiness, and then told yourself that it must have been some freak wind gust??  I know, reiiight????

5. Have you ever experienced grandiose feelings of artistic brilliance and elation followed by crushing jabs of self doubt and “what was I thinking?” and then noticed that you repeat this cycle about every 10 minutes?   Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy……..

6. Have you ever become aware of your guilty feelings about your excessive use of paper towels? 😦

7. Have you ever ripped apart your sketchbook so you could use the cardboard on the back of it to paint on?

8. Have you ever all the sudden realized, hey, wait…, am I painting in the dark?

9. Noticed that after sunset you are still in your jammy-sweat pants and forgot to take a shower? Oops!

10. Found yourself happily eating cold cereal for breakfast………..then again for lunch………… and seriously considering it as a promising dinner, so you don’t waste any painting time?

I could go on……………but really it was a great day! I ended up with 7 small paintings, well, actually I call them studies because I always feel like I’m learning on each one. It’s nice to spend the entire day in your own backyard, completely unaware of the time, painting and hanging out with your sweet dogs, who, if you are lucky, will occasionally rest their cute golden retriever chin upon your left foot while you paint. 🙂 All good!

Happy painting! xoxoo