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The new Somerset Apprentice is here!

Thrilled to be among so many talented folks in the Autumn 2015 issue 🙂 Catt Kerr, Lynne Perrella, Sharon Payne Bolton (I love her cover piece) Lori Sparkley Franklin, Olga Siedlecka, Laly Mille (her winged key is divine) Kelli May-Krenz… This is a long list… And there is more!!

Lots and lots of great inspiration, information and artful insights. Check it out, on newsstands Sept 1. Yay!!!!

A special thank you to editor Jana Holstein, who is a dream to work with. Jana you are funny, kind and you always put together a gorgeous magazine:)







Paper Stars and Stripes

Ah haaaa!! So the little paper stars have some new friends 🙂 some stripes made from vintage photographs, and some stripes made from old quilts.
This new mixed media piece I’m working on was recently commissioned based on another flag I did a few years ago. Here are a few images 🙂





Here is the original 4×8 foot Flag named “Democracy.”
This piece now lives happily in a lovely little bed and breakfast in an old firehouse in Harvard Square.
Happy Forth of July wishes to you!


Paper stars for you

Working on a Comission tonight … Can you guess what these are for?

Wishing you a happy creative week! Xoxo




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Fun conversation and a free class giveaway!!!

A lovely time chatting with Sue of Irreversibly Moi 🙂 She is a kind and open hearted artist who is fun to laugh with and asks great questions. She feels instantly like a friend.
Register for a free drawing for a Joy of Collage too!! Yay!!
Thanks Sue!! check it out here!!



The Ninny Series!!! Thank you Somerset Memories Spring 2015!



Always nice to get to chat about collage, mixed media and all the fun ways to make art!!
Have a great day!!

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Thank you Mary Englebreit !!


Holy moly!! This was an article in Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion about 700 years ago:)
And wait, my studio hasn’t changed a bit!!! It’s still brimming with pieces and parts and ideas in progress..
I hope yours is too 😄
I am just about to make stuff and move my hands, ahhhhhh, …….my favorite thing 🙂

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The Answers are right HERE!!!


Paper and pens and pencils, maybe a pair of scissors…… It’s all you need…
You can create ANYTHING!!!
Sketch it out!!
Write it down!!
The ideas will just keep coming when you move your hands!!
Simple goodness!!
So great!


Creativity is a gift to yourself

Been thinking about how enriching it is to move your hands … It never fails to give a smile or let your mind flow in a way that feels good.. It’s like exercise for your brain!! So do a little happy for yourself!! Let your sparks fly!!
With love!!


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Win a free Online Class!! YeS!! The Joy of Mixed Media Assemblage starts soon!!

fun no name

Its a happy thing when you move your hands and make things! This class is a great excuse to go on the hunt or finally use all the pieces and parts that you have collected. And its fun to combine things and photos in a fresh new way 🙂

Here are a few tips for the type of box you might find to turn into an way is to purchase a “cradled wood panel” like the one above, or dig through antique shops, attics, yard sales, thrift stores and look for a great wooden box that has lived a full life and has “juice” and character, like the one below. One thing to keep in mind is finding a box that is one or two inches deep, and its also important to look for the sides edges of the box to be at least one half inch to one inch wide.. the reason for this is that you will need a little room to nail your plexiglass to the box….see the tiny nails….its an easy and great way to give your assemblage a fabulous finish 🙂 add some wire on the back and it will be ready for hanging on the wall 🙂


Do you have a great stash of wonderful “found” things? I bet you do 🙂

Leave a quick comment below to be in the drawing for one free online class, The Joy of Mixed Media Assemblage.

I will announce the winner on Thursday evening, October 23, class starts on Monday October 27th 🙂

If you have already registered (thank You) if your name is drawn, we will happily credit you for your class! XOXO


So happy! My first Online Workshop!!


The joy of collage workshop!

I am really pleased to announce my very first workshop ONLINe!!
Many thanks to Carla Sonheim and her talented hubby Steve for coming to my studio and making it such fun to film all of my favorite techniques. We even played a little music 🙂
Please check it out!!
You can sign up today!
Class starts July 7th!!

Here is the link!!!!!!!

Carla Sonheim