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Seattle Book Signing! 🌼📕

Hello hello, I am so excited to share an upcoming book signing event in Seattle with two of my favorite people and artists 😊💓💚  Carla Sonheim and Diane Culhane. Please join us if you can as we would love to say hi!!

We will be at Clementine’s in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington on September 7th for the first Thursday Art Walk. 5-8:30 pm

Here is some information for you about our books, Expressive Flower Painting: Simple Mixed Media Techniques for Bold Beautiful Blooms by Lynn Whipple,  If You Can Doodle You Can Paint: Transforming Simple Drawings into Works of Art by Diane Culhane, and books by Carla Sonheim.

All my very best

🌸XOXO Lynn


Spinning through the holidays :)


Sending love and a little invitation to take a few minutes, just for yourself. Sneak off 🙂

Wishing you a very happy holiday season!!



I love New York, part 1 :)





But mostly I love Margo and Liza! And these amazing noodles at Ivan Ramen 🙂
Thank you National Stationery Show!!

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Kindred SpiritS!!! Grateful for friends :)


A little slice of what’s on my refrigerator door… 😄
Thinking about how lucky it is to have pals that are also artful kindred spirits!
I love you guys!!
We all have pals from school, or that first waitressing job, or from our neighborhood…..all so special.
This group photo on my fridge is part my beloved “tribe” we all met at a workshop a while back and have been in touch, often daily, ever since 🙂
I am grateful for the sharing, support and large amounts of fun that we share!
Here is to yOU and your Tribe of friends and kindred spirits!!!

With giant batches of love!!!

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Holiday Cheer!!!

Don’t you love making gifts for the holidays? We made a family decision a few years back that we wouldn’t spend money, we would each just make something for one another and it was such a great experience we continued the tradition 🙂
One of my favorite things was the hand written letters from my husbands father, George… He wrote beautiful words about each of us and how proud he was of our lives…
Pure treasure 🙂
Wishing you and yours a lovely new tradition and a very happy holiday season.
With much love,


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Art Basel 2012


Wow! Art Basel does not disappoint!
It’s only the beginning of day 3 and we have seen so much! This is thrilling and fun. The city is overflowing with creativity. Thanks to our pals Manita and Randy hosting us and sharing all their amazing insights.
Here’s a few pics.








Don’t you love singing, especially with friends? I do!!

ditty of the day

I hope you all had amazing and joyous holidays that were filled with OH so much giving and laughter and delicious food, and sugar and fun and “Oh Be Joyful” (the family nog) and tender moments and music and twinkly lights and EVERYTHING your heart desires with just a teeny sprinkle of family nuttiness and a dollop of home made whipped cream (extra vanilla) to top it all off.

And now it’s time to begin a fresh NEW year! YAY!

Here is a goofy idea to kick off the good times. My brilliant, talented and beautiful pal Margo and I wanted to begin a little give and take, find and share, LOOK,SEE,DO spot where we can celebrate yummy visual goodness and delicious creative acts that inspire us and make us want to move our hands and engage our curious minds. Just two dopey friends, who live across the country, who want to chit chat and share things that we find exciting.

I say we start with a little somethin-somethin I am going to call “The Ditty of the Day” Margo said her new years resolution was to play the guitar 300 out of 365 days this year. I love that! Don’t you love that?? So this is a starting place to keep us in the game. Now, I am not saying which days this will happen, haaaaa, but at least lets let the dialogue begin!!

Also look for our new blog called Follow the fun 🙂


Chicago Art Institute’s new modern wing is lovely.

Hi! We just got back from being on the road. We were off to a show in Chicago, which was a lot of fun. A little wet, but good times. Perhaps this might be the moment to mention, that I believe that the folks at the weather channel are just Forest Gumping their way through their predictions. I am pretty sure they took all the money for that Doppler 9000 and secretly split it up amongst themselves, saving a coffee can of loose $20.oo’s for the beer and peanut fund. I think they have a dart, and take turns throwing it at a paper plate. The plate is up on the wall and they have divided up into pie sections, with a sharpie. Hot, cold, cloudy, wet, damp, snow, hurricane and ? They take turns blindfolding each other and tossing that dart. Then they have a hearty laugh as they broadcast  to us their “expert” weather advice. How much cute summer stuff can one girl pack, and not get to wear any of it??? Apparently a ton. So much for sunny and mid 70’s. It was more like freezing and wet, mushy and soggy, at least the first day. The good news is, that is finally cleared up, and when the sun came out, everyone popped up like new tulips. Midwesterners are the nicest people, even wet ones. I think this every time we visit there. Friendly and not stuffy at all. They seem to enjoy a beer and a nice dog. Everyone has a dog, or two, and nothing could make me happier. All shows should allow dogs. Meeting dogs only adds to the experience. Who doesn’t enjoy the “that dog really looks like his owner game??” So, the show was good, sales not bad, fun factor rather high, some guitar playing, a visit to a really cool bar where the Second City folks hang out, that is covered with really bad paintings of marginally famous people, a party at Liza’s most adorable, colorful apartment, and some good neighborhood pizza, and soup and a patty melt at Noogies.

i love a bad painting!

i love a bad painting!


lucky find outside the museum


just a nice space

just a nice space

such a poser

such a poser


city dancing, several of these are available for stop action movie.

city dancing, several of these are available for stop action movie.

we had to eat here, cause we are artists

aka Johnny Cashola

aka Johnny Cashola


he looks better than he sounds. NOt!

he looks better than he sounds. NOt!


paint that looks like icing!

paint that looks like icing!

















After the show, on Monday, we went to check out the Chicago Art Institutes’s new Modern Wing. I have one word. Lovely. Nice, simple, open space that felt good. We have all seen these artists, but it’s always nice to take a fresh look. As much as I love the more contemporary stuff, this trip I was crazy in love with the old master painters. Every brush stroke was a delight. AAAHHHHHHH. The Monet’s, the Sargent’s, the Sorolla’s, the Manet’s the Van Gogh’s. All these canvas’s were just a yummy visual treat. Back in the day, when there were no televisions, or digital camera’s, painting’s refreshing way of translating the world, was revolutionary. Me likey!! Also, the book store was a treat. I can just stand and smell the pages and be happy. Oh, and there was giant Lucian Freud painting that knocked my socks off. I wanted to buy his book, but just pawed over it for a while instead. It was a satisfying day. Breakfast, coffee and the crossword puzzle at the little “Artist’s Snack Shop” across the street. John ordered the Vegetarian Omelet, but with meat.  funny. Then a walk around Millennium Park with the beautiful water sculpture and the “Sky Garden” the giant reflecting kidney bean shaped, chrome thingy, that makes for a great photo opp. The drive through the middle of downtown at 9:00 am, was such a invigorating reminder of the way city folk live, and walk, and move in a teeming, flowing crowds. I loved being in that soup of cars, people, tall buildings, noise, signage, exhaust fumes, buses, bridges and elevated trains. nutty good. It made me hungry.


Hello world!



thanks for visiting my blog

thanks for visiting my blog

Greetings and salutations.



Howdy and hiya.

And, as my old phone message used say, hello, hello, hello!!

Here’s the deal: I like stuff. and by stuff, I mean just about everything. Really. So many things to notice, celebrate, react to and appreciate.  Today’s thing has something to do with tenacity.  As many new bloggers might tell you, getting a new blog up can be a bit of a stretch. Lots of choices, themes, templates, images, fonts and formats. But here it is. I started hours ago, and even with header number 23, which is just ok, I am off. It will get better, and smoother and creamier.  Since I am an artist…. I like brownies!!! haaa, my husband just walked in with a HUGE brownie and dagnabit, that puppy is GOOD! I have no willpower, but we do enjoy. That may be a bigger theme. Enjoying! Now we are talking. What did I enjoy today?

1. several good, loud, round, full laughs with my friend (and today, slightly hormonal) Jamie 

2. smiling at 2 orange dogs. Tally for ball throwing: 125,364. Tally for tall wagging: 18,297,473,930,234.  

3. smelling chicken cooking with spices and ghee.

4. reading with small, white and grey striped, one eyed, purring cat on lap

5. iced coffee with my friend Larry aka Fred    

6. learning about a cool collaboration coming up with artist Anna Tomczak                                    

7. making a bank deposit (the more of these the merrier)

8. getting this blog up, finally!!

9. planning a trip to do a workshop in Kansas City.

10. and all the people, traffic, chit chat and Dancing with the Stars in between

sending lOve!

xoxo Lynn

p.s. and remember, as my friend Dale Jarrett sez: Bacon is the candy of meat.