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tiny collage

if you are looking for MR DEADLINE CLICK HERE

here is your tiny collage kit! It is free!

Click it, print it, enjoy it, cut it, move your hands, make stuff, smile! (it is 2 pages, get ’em both here!)

xoxo Lynn

tiny collage page1

tiny collage page2

If you like the tiny collage kit there is so much more…The Joy of Collage starts June 9th, sign up today!

19 thoughts on “tiny collage

  1. Love this – thank you Lynn!!!

  2. Love the tiny collage kit – and all your art!!! Thanks loads!

  3. Super DUPER fun! You are so clever! ❀️🎨🌈

  4. LOVE the cards! Well done in every way!

  5. I love your tiny collage kit! Fun to play with!

  6. I’m so ecstatic I stumbled upon this tiny collage! Can’t wait to play around it. So awesome, Lynn! Thanks!

  7. Loooove anything u do Lynn, I am doing my collage with my 3 yr old grnd dtr, also signed up with her for the kids online art classes u and Carla created this summer, tx so much u guys! No money rt now and no preschool in this jungle we live, so these classes r perfect for her, her teachers r aunti Lynn and aunti Carla, she asks me everyday, what is my teachers names again? Aloha, angi and little kai in hana

  8. HI Lynn,
    Laura Bohn here. I teach a weekly after school art program at Casa Montessori and next week we want to do collage! I was just researching some fun ways to collage and inspire kids with the use of faces and building silly characters and of course I ended up here!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. Wow, I missed this at the time you posted. Looking for info on new class I stumbled upon these fun collage bits. Thanks so much for sharing this. xoxo

  10. Lynn you make my life so much richer!
    For years and years I was in awe of you and your work. I never ever imagined you would be in my life, my friend, my art tribe buddy. I will always love this – all this – my child heart being renewed. Your desire to spread happiness in contagious. Forever your buddy marty yokawonis

  11. I adore you Marty!!! You are so talented, smart and funny! I am the lucky one! Here is to our tribe and to celebrating life and art with childlike joy!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo thank you for all you bring to the world πŸ™‚

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