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19 thoughts on “tiny collage

  1. Love this – thank you Lynn!!!

  2. Love the tiny collage kit – and all your art!!! Thanks loads!

  3. Super DUPER fun! You are so clever! ❀️🎨🌈

  4. LOVE the cards! Well done in every way!

  5. I love your tiny collage kit! Fun to play with!

  6. I’m so ecstatic I stumbled upon this tiny collage! Can’t wait to play around it. So awesome, Lynn! Thanks!

  7. Loooove anything u do Lynn, I am doing my collage with my 3 yr old grnd dtr, also signed up with her for the kids online art classes u and Carla created this summer, tx so much u guys! No money rt now and no preschool in this jungle we live, so these classes r perfect for her, her teachers r aunti Lynn and aunti Carla, she asks me everyday, what is my teachers names again? Aloha, angi and little kai in hana

  8. HI Lynn,
    Laura Bohn here. I teach a weekly after school art program at Casa Montessori and next week we want to do collage! I was just researching some fun ways to collage and inspire kids with the use of faces and building silly characters and of course I ended up here!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. Wow, I missed this at the time you posted. Looking for info on new class I stumbled upon these fun collage bits. Thanks so much for sharing this. xoxo

  10. Lynn you make my life so much richer!
    For years and years I was in awe of you and your work. I never ever imagined you would be in my life, my friend, my art tribe buddy. I will always love this – all this – my child heart being renewed. Your desire to spread happiness in contagious. Forever your buddy marty yokawonis

  11. I adore you Marty!!! You are so talented, smart and funny! I am the lucky one! Here is to our tribe and to celebrating life and art with childlike joy!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo thank you for all you bring to the world πŸ™‚

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