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curious traits about the creative brain

This is a picture of our first ever Karaoke request! 1/20/2010.

OOOOOh, I  heard some really great stuff about what creative people have in common. There was a great segment on Sunday Morning this past week, and they talked about creativity! I can’t seem to forget this stuff, so I am passing it along.

Creative people had these traits in common:

Heightened curiosity!  Curious about everything, not only their interests. (this sounds like us)

Okay with failure (I think you have to be when making art, cause, well, you know)

Courageous!!!!! ( say yes to bravery, making stuff  up out of thin air is very courageous!)

Adventuresome! (absolutely, nothing better than an adventure! this whole big ride is an adventure)

Great sense of humor! (HUGE HUGE HUGELY IMPORTANT! In life, in art, in cooking (the way I cook) in every relationship, with yourself, with music, even with the dogs) huhh?

Rebellious (Yes we are!)

Like to push the envelope (PLEASE, ALWAYS AND THANK YOU)

AND, I love this part:

Creative people have a HIGH CAPACITY TO SEE PATTERNS IN THINGS. To make connections between unrelated things. To see relationships and make associations. Fresh associations. (Ok that was me, they didn’t say fresh)

I swear, that is how I look at all the art I make! Fresh Combinations! It’s true with cooking, and song writing, and painting, and getting dressed, and writing and music and sooo many things we are interested in!

If you are interested, check out this link for ABC’S  Sunday Morning show, aired on January 10th Titled “The Wellspring of American Creativity”;contentBody  

It is a fantastic show, and one that we “tevo” because it never disappoints! The alway have a focus on the arts, and I am grateful to them for introducing me to one of my all time, journalistic hero’s, Mr. Charles Kuralt. His “On the Road” series, where he criss-crossed America in a motor home for 25 years, brought so much pleasure to so many, simply by taking the time to illuminate the simple things in life. And he took the time to document nature, a quiet moment, without any additional sound each episode, a feature the show still ends with today. Beautiful.

The reason I am sharing the Karaoke ticket is because I have always been afraid of Karaoke! Scared me pants off!! But we did it anyway! I was not up there alone, I had the other half of our band, “The Partials” with me, and that helped tremendously! But when I look at the list above, several of those traits were a part of that little milestone. An adventure for sure, and more fun than fear!



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I am so grateful for:

Golden fur breaths of morning slobber, the feel of a brush in my hand, the sky, the smudged line of my #3 pencil, my touch as it explores everything, the smell of a loved ones neck, sunshine, every pale blue I have ever met, song birds, wood floors on my feet. Making or listening to music. Soft grass and wind, the first sip of a cold beer on a Friday night, words, friendship, laughing so hard I cry, covertly relishing profanity, iced coffee, meeting new people, singing, sugar and foosball.

How about you??

Take a second.

This is a fun, fast way to put you in the moment. It’s a good place to be. 

I was just thinking about the phrase “take a second” or “take a minute.” So, if we take a second, then what are we going to do with it?  Hummmmm, I guess it’s up to you. 


enjoy it. 

remind me tomorrow I want to write about purpose.


No fear for the New Year



This is our shiny new year!

What are we going to do with it??? The possibilities are very exciting!! 

thinking wishfully


It all starts in our minds, so what is tickling your brain? What do your hands want to do? HOw about your eyes? What do they want to see???  What do you want to experience? This is the fun part! Grab a pencil and write it down! It’s all open to you, there are not really no limits to Wishful Thinking. 

I wish you well! 

Happy New YEar!!


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