Happy Holidays PDF! Ornaments & Tags from Lynn & Carla


Free Holiday Cheer!! XOXOX

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Happy Holidays from Lynn Whipple and Me (and “2015: Year of the Spark!“)

Click the images below and after about 15-30 seconds, a PDF will load in your browser window. Then, just print and use!

Here is my offering:



And Lynn’s!



We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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About “SPARK“:

Lynn Whipple and I are co-teaching a year-long online art/creativity class in 2015. The emphasis will be on creativity and FUN. 24 jam-packed lessons (2 per month, one each from Lynn and myself), and even some arty business conversations, too. For more information, go to www.yearofthespark.com. Sign up by December 31, 2014 and received two signed mini-prints!

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Warm holiday wishes!



Just a little cozy time with some pals I have known since we were 12!!
Wishing you warm wishes for your holiday season :)


I like you guys!


I just want to say that life is good with nice, creative, fun people, like you, out there in the world!!

Carry on!!
With love!

2015! the year of moving your hands, art and inspiration!

I am spending a few days in Miami this weekend at Art Basel, a gigantic art event with hundreds, I bet more like thousands, of pieces of art on display all over this pretty city. I am here with some friends and fellow artists, and our minds are reeling with excitement. We are joyous just in the possibilities!! It makes me so happy!! I am so inspired I can’t wait to rush home and make something!

With inspiration and art making in mind its my great pleasure to announce my new workshop! The super talented and wonderful Carla Sonheim and I are co-teaching a year long online workshop that will offer twice monthly art lessons, projects, inspiration and more. We will pop into your inbox and offer new projects, time tested techniques and the encouragement to play, enjoy your very own art journey and have FUN! Our private online community is a glorious way to share and make new friends as well as get lots of positive feedback and motivation. Carla and I both feel honored to share artful living and art making with others in this way.

please join us! Make 2015 filled with art!

For more information, click here:

2015 The Year of the SpaRk!


 2015: Year of the SPARK!

with love!!



Just because!!



Thank you Mary Englebreit !!


Holy moly!! This was an article in Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion about 700 years ago:)
And wait, my studio hasn’t changed a bit!!! It’s still brimming with pieces and parts and ideas in progress..
I hope yours is too 😄
I am just about to make stuff and move my hands, ahhhhhh, …….my favorite thing :)

The Answers are right HERE!!!


Paper and pens and pencils, maybe a pair of scissors…… It’s all you need…
You can create ANYTHING!!!
Sketch it out!!
Write it down!!
The ideas will just keep coming when you move your hands!!
Simple goodness!!
So great!

2015 Year of the SpaRk

online workshop fun!

Life Book 2015 Online Workshop

Joy of Assembledge Found Object Online Workshop!

Joy of Collage – On Line Workshop


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