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I love words

I like to play with them like kittens. or puppies. but not goldfish.

I like the sentence: She had velvet instincts.

I like it a lot.

I also like the sentence: I wuv cows. but it’s totally out of context. which is kinda like flying with out a net, which makes it a brave little sentence.

I admire a brave little sentence.

Now that’s a cute batch of words too. ummhummm.

I realize I seem like I am 12. that’s okay.


6 thoughts on “words

  1. Lynn, I just love that little poem, and 12 was a very ‘happy’ place : )

  2. awww, thank you so much Mary Ellen! I would have to say 12 still is a happy place!! Thanks for taking the time to visit!

  3. Just found you Lynn. Love this poem. LOVE your work. Hope to meet you one day. Take care, Riki

  4. Miss Lynn:

    I tried twice to send you a message on your website and was able > then all disappeared…
    I am an artist and psychotherapist who met you and held on to your card for over a year… I am currently developing a website which will be an integration of psychology and art… An artist all my life, I have use art mediums in my sessions… Specializing in children, your work inspires… If you would allow me the privilege, I would love to include two pieces of your art and your man friend’s on my site…

    Best thoughts, Suzanne

    • HELLO!!!!
      Suzanne, I love what you are doing, it sounds wonderful! Thank you for asking if you can use my art, I would be honored. Please email me at
      sorry it’s frustrating to communicate from my site, that bad boy needs to be fixed!
      have a good one!

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