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Testimonials from Big Bold Bloom!!


Here are some things being said about Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting online class:


Patricia: Oh Lynn, what an amazing experience, I have NEVER enjoyed a painting course so much ..I have loved the way you have structured the course ,every step of the way was leading to a finale of a painting so joyful and full of light and colour and so free and BIG !BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL ..what a teacher you are ,so enthusiastic and funny ..I am so sorry it is finished but is it ever finished? Thank you , thank you Dear Lynn, xxxxxx

Teresa: I too am so grateful to Lynn for getting me out of my comfort zone and teaching me to give myself permission to glop, slop, drip and spatter my way into floral bliss. smile emoticon I would have never painted like this if I hadn’t taken this class. THANK YOU LYNN WHIPPLE. I really enjoyed your class the most.
Maggie: This has been way too fun! I can’t remember what I was doing 3 weeks ago before I started your lessons… Please think about doing a sequel! You are a great teacher, filled with so much fun energy. Thank you!!
Tina: To Lynn..your infectious joy and ebullient energy make this garden the most beautiful place in the universe! You are such a generous and supportive teacher, guiding me and then pushing me off the cliff! You have opened up my world and changed it forever. With my deepest gratitude and love Thank you for being the most awesome you!
Emma: HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended course!! One of the best investments to date!!
Jennifer:  I am enjoying this class so much!!!!! You are such a delight and your enthusiasm is so energising for me. A million kabillion THANKS 
THANKS for this wonderful experience, you are great at making this usually solo path a very comfortable and encouraging space to create.Love what YOU do
Gill: This course has been BRILLIANT!! I recommend it to everyone who loves colour and flowers and colourful flowers. It’s the best!
Kimberly: Lynn, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this class. Thank you so much! Thank you for making it fun and not about perfection. I will keep an eye open for future classes that you teach. I learned so much during these last weeks. Thank you! Thank you!
Lesley: A huge Thank you to Lynn Whipple for making his course possible for us . It has been a joy to learn from you , the best teacher. Can’t wait for you to do another course and I am in !!
Debbie: Thank you Lynn and Carla!! Lynn your enthusiasm has infected all us!! The wonderful and positive support that you have brought us is reflected in the amazing comments that everyone gives each other! I have just spent the best morning listening to music, singing, dancing and painting!!! Having a blast!!
I am so not ready for this class to be over! It has been so fabulous!! I have learned so much and had such a blast, and I still feel like I can use a part 2! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!,
Lynn Whipple you are the craziest (and funniest) teacher I’ve ever had! Lesson 6 is CRAZY and very difficult for me! How can you make all those «random» marks and obtain such great results??? It is a mystery for me! Hahahaha! TO get loose is hard for me (and maybe I’m not the only one?!). But you are doing a great job, thank you sooo much!
I’m gonna try now to make some crazy marks……….
Jacqui: Yes ditto to what everyone is saying on here Lynn. Plus…amazing insight and colour theory, sorta reminds me of that song… “It’s all about the bass”… But you teach a different mantra… “It’s all about the tone”… emoticon Thank you for helping us to 
remember to squint and look and consider and breathe & dance… thank you for reminding us to use our juice!!
Magdalena: Yes! I so agree, at the same time I have learnt so much and also had so much fun. Go figure 🙂
Sigrid: Yes, definitely, we are the lucky ones. Thanks so much Lynn Whipple for your wonderful presence and all your positive positiveness and deep valuable insights – all of it makes us flourish …
Kim: Thank YOU, Lynn, for sharing your process with us. Your joy is wonderful and contagious! 
Patricia: Well we are the lucky ones ! Love where you have led us on this creative journey .thank you dear Lynn x
Teresa: Thanks so much, Lynn! I am loving these lessons! You’re a great teacher! Thnx again!!
Lisa: And you are our amazing, joyful catalyst for that. Pretty cool!! Xoxoxo 
Dee: You have reawakened my curiosity in creating art Lynn….thank you….thank you!
Nancy: TOTALLY delightful class! And classmates! And the ever-effervescent instructor Lynn Whipple!! What more could a girl ask for?
I am extremely grateful to be a part of such a talented and big hearted group! Thank you all for being a part of this class and for sharing your creativity and kindness with me and our happy band of Bloomers! 

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