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a ninny

a ninny

If I was a painter, and I am working on that, I would paint the sky right now! It’s raining, but the color is somewhere between lilac/grey and yella/grey green, plus several shades of “white”. White is a tricky one, cause it’s not really white, but pale, soft, lightness at the moment…..hummmm, the whitest thing is the lightning and it’s WAY bright. This painting thing is a puzzle to me. It is one of those games that I could play for years and not even scratch the surface. Other than that, its a good work day, I am making mostly mixed media today. Several pieces and parts that make me laugh. I want these little guys to hopefully find their homes in a box some day…soon, let’s say, before the show coming up in Chicago.It’s funny how they evolve. I will cannibalize anything if it works better with something else, and if it makes me giggle. I am about to open up some framed stuff right now, so I can sew them all together….they need each other, badly! They aren’t quite standing on their own. I am not mad at them, it’s called evolution. the unfolding process, step 17…. yeah, that’s it, it’s all good! 
I will keep at it! I notice that music often helps this process. Happy Memorial Day!