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I am so grateful for:

Golden fur breaths of morning slobber, the feel of a brush in my hand, the sky, the smudged line of my #3 pencil, my touch as it explores everything, the smell of a loved ones neck, sunshine, every pale blue I have ever met, song birds, wood floors on my feet. Making or listening to music. Soft grass and wind, the first sip of a cold beer on a Friday night, words, friendship, laughing so hard I cry, covertly relishing profanity, iced coffee, meeting new people, singing, sugar and foosball.

How about you??

Take a second.

This is a fun, fast way to put you in the moment. It’s a good place to be. 

I was just thinking about the phrase “take a second” or “take a minute.” So, if we take a second, then what are we going to do with it?  Hummmmm, I guess it’s up to you. 


enjoy it. 

remind me tomorrow I want to write about purpose.