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JOy Stuff!! The Art of Noticing. A new online class 🌼😀🌿

JOy Stuff-An Online Class with Lynn Whipple

I would love to share with you my favorite ways to celebrate delight in our everyday lives. Working in my JOy Stuff sketchbook has opened up a whole new way to make art, move my hands and soak in appreciation. It has been a wonderful addition to my world and gets me off to an artful, positive and grateful beginning to each day. The best part, other than that it is fun, is the way I feel connected to the things I love!

Come join me and our super supportive, fun-loving online community as we draw, paint, write, make paper with a Gelli Plate and play. 😀 We will collage and create delightful pages and fill them with meaning. And we will extend our gratitude to others by making tiny thank you notes to love letters and more. Let’s create a joy based and portable art studio in our sketchbooks.   Starts October 3rd! Click here for more info! 

With loads of JOy!

 xoxo Lynn



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Seattle Book Signing! 🌼📕

Hello hello, I am so excited to share an upcoming book signing event in Seattle with two of my favorite people and artists 😊💓💚  Carla Sonheim and Diane Culhane. Please join us if you can as we would love to say hi!!

We will be at Clementine’s in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington on September 7th for the first Thursday Art Walk. 5-8:30 pm

Here is some information for you about our books, Expressive Flower Painting: Simple Mixed Media Techniques for Bold Beautiful Blooms by Lynn Whipple,  If You Can Doodle You Can Paint: Transforming Simple Drawings into Works of Art by Diane Culhane, and books by Carla Sonheim.

All my very best

🌸XOXO Lynn


Big Bold Blooms 2!! New online class!


It’s here!! Big Bold Blooms 2!! Let’s paint, draw, play and have fun as we create mixed media paintings using beautiful, abundant flowers as our muse! I am excited to share with you new techniques, new layers, and new tools! We will start small, in our sketchbooks, then work on several medium sized canvases and go all the way up to one big, beautiful bloom painting…36×48! This 5 week, 10 lesson class starts soon… October 3rd, 2016.

Join me and our super supportive, happy and generous online community, as we celebrate the joy of art making together!  click here for more information!! 


Feeling inspired :)

I hope you are enjoying lots of creativity these days. 2015 has been a great year for inspiration. I have truly enjoyed being a co-teacher with Carla Sonheim in our yearlong class 2015 Year of the Spark
Sharing so much artfulness with wonderful people from all over the globe has been a great gift.
Our community of talented, funny, generous creative spirits warms my heart every single day.
You guys rock!
And your art is Amazing!
So thanks to you all!!!!!!
We are continually astounded and inspired by you!!

Carla’s latest lesson has inspired me as well. She had us start by doing charcoal drawings from our childhood photos or childhood drawings. Next we paint with freedom of a child. (There are a few more steps here)

I loved doing the drawings!! Somehow my drawings took a different turn and became the bottom layer for a new series of paintings that feature flowers that are wildly overflowing in pots.

Thank you Carla for inspiring me to move my hands and trust the process 🙂 You are a tremendous artist and gifted teacher.
With love!!










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Great online Art Class in June!

Collage is so so so much fun!!
check out Joy of Collage online class



SpARk PaRty!!! With Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple

If you enjoy fun and nice folks, come and join us for a night of creativity and sharing 🙂


Thursday evening, March 12, 6-9.
904 Railroad Ave, Winter Park, Fl 32789
Bring your sketchbook and a friend, and a food or drink offering if it feels easy 🙂
With love!!

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Inspired in NYC!!





So much to see!! Carla Sonheim and I spent hours completely immersed in trimmings and felt and wool and fabrics!! Such joy!!
Purl Soho and M&J trimmings are a must see!! Also the Outsider Art Fair was amazing!
Come and say hi to us if you are in town, NYC! “Spark Party” on Tuesday, February 3rd from 5ish-8pm. We plan to meet for Happy Hour from 5-7pm at Naples Ristorante at Grand Central Terminal. . .we will do a little drawing and enjoy!
With love!!

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Let’s spark our new year!!

Today is a lovely day! Full of promise and sparky ideas for a creative new year! I am in my garden doing a little hello and welcome video for 2015: year of the spark!
I hope you are having a great day 🙂

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Warm holiday wishes!



Just a little cozy time with some pals I have known since we were 12!!
Wishing you warm wishes for your holiday season 🙂


Hey!! How about a free tutorial!?!



Carla Sonheim Lynn Whipple jar project

Click the link!!

This little jar project is a blast!
Check it out!
I made one for my favorite neighbor..Mr. Warren 🙂
I filled the jar with flowers and wrote a special we love you Mr. Warren right on the front!!