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Designing your new, beautiful daily routine

found these on the side of a mountain this summer, for freeeee

So I asked myself…..”What do I love best?”

(then I realized I was smiling, because this is fun to think about…..try it….)

I sat outside with iced coffee and pencil and quickly wrote it down.

Here is my “Stuff I love, so I want to do it most everyday” listylooooooo:

1. Outside coffee and drawing time (I am on pretty Park Ave writing this) 🙂 check!

2. Yoga time, with a side of spiritual yum, aka a little meditation (been lax here)

3. Music making (there are no calisusss on my fingers, say no more, I love it and it’s past time)

4. Art making time, I live for this

5. Outdoor drawing, designing and painting time!! (my favorite thing and it’s happening next, as soon as I am done writing)

6. Laughing and goofing off with great people and loved ones time (this includes John, family, the furs as well as the brain trusters and all the fun peeps we know)

7. New projects: aka LEARNING! I love that and it shows up as GROWTH, and as forward movement, discovery, play and excitement all wrapped in an eagerness to see and feel things unfold. good stuff.

8. Enjoying MONEY!! Spending and sharing it freely and watching it roll in effortlessly :$

9. Checking out cool STUFF! For me that is great design, artwork by interesting artists, wonderful clothes, cute purses, good looking houses, beautiful outdoor spaces, beautiful images, books, you know, the overall appreciation of beautiful and artful things!!

10. All this wrapped in a happy healthy-ness, which means eating well and moving easily, gracefully and outdoorzy along the way!!

Ok, poor you! This just turned all “lifetime movie-ish”

I get that this is kind of dopey, but it’s really how I see my day and the first step is writing it down. Also, I share my daily listylooo with a good friend during the week, just to keep myself accountable. It’s a funny email thing we do and it would make a hilarious book. I will work on that 🙂

Whats on your plate? Favorite stuff? Or nasty, crusty old stuff that you really don’t enjoy. Write it down and then serve it up the way you like it!

Sending love!

found this ring of mushrooms on recent bike ride 🙂

Have fun today,


your goofball