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A place to hold random thoughts that are going through my mind.

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My teeth are happy today, they caught a lot of sun.


chocolate, do I have an issue here? or perhaps, I am an expert. 


Can not imagine my life without my friends and family. I am beyond grateful for all all of you, you are the schnizzle and the sugar for my tea, and I like you a gigantic bunch! you make me smile. thank you.


Today’s thought: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hahaha! 


Todays thought: If you could harness the energy in my girl dog’s wagging tail, you could power the entire State of  New York. For a long time.


Today’s thought, and remember these will not all be winners: 

Real friends are like vitamins for your heart.  (dopey score 1,000)

Take 2: How about “Real friends, like yoga, make you feel taller and smarter” 


Todays thought: Now I think Tuesday’s thought, 1/4/2010, was a little floofy. 


today’s thought:

Some days the watery terrain of creativity may appear as small, swirling eddies or tide pool puddles. Your childlike splash, from frolicking here, is a surefire sign of the wellspring underneath.


today’s thought:

If the luscious, thick, rich, polychromatic, vibrant paint is the party dress, then the beautiful drawing underneath is the quiet, noble, bone structure.


A good  friendship is like a delicious ribbon candy. Colorful, twisting and beautifully interwoven throughout your mind.


4 thoughts on “a MUSE ings

  1. Interwoven…yes. I love that.

  2. Did you say “floofy”?

    I’ve been taller and smarter my whole life but Im not so sure its necessarily the best thing. Ok, after some consideration, I will say it beats shorter and stupid . . er!

  3. you are taller and smarter! I think that is always a good thang. yes thang.

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