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A gift for your creative practice

Mr. Deadline is a fantastic motivator, use him to make your creative practice the best that it can be!

To be honest, Mr. Deadline is quite often a giant pain in the tuchus, but what a very important role he plays. Sometimes I wonder if things would actually get to the final finish without him. He forces us to complete our artwork, tweak it and bring it to a place where we love the feel of it, sign it, frame it and share it!

I would be lost without him, though at times, he really gets on my nerves.

I encourage you to put Mr. Deadline into your creative practice. If you don’t have an upcoming deadline, create one for yourself. I suggest things such as signing up for a show, taking a class, joining a group or simply commit to sharing an image of your finished work in a certain, perhaps reoccurring time frame.

Have fun,

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6 thoughts on “A gift for your creative practice

  1. Thank you for lovely!! & Just signed up for your ‘Joy of Collage’…so much fun already!

  2. Thanks, Lynn!!! You roc!!! xoxoxox

  3. My pleasure dear Ar! Xoxoxo

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