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ever wonder what the creative process looks like as a map?? ever want to hear some bad banjo??


a little visual aid to keep us in the creative loop! dopey score : 8


Author: lynnwhipple

I am a girl and an artist. Short list of things I love: art, artists, painting, collage, mixed media, funny stuff, altered photographs, all things outdoors, freedom, smart stuff,music, writing, orange dogs and one eyed cats, all animals, chocolate, color, laughing, ideas, creativity, games, learning, dancing, yoga, summer, night time, cell phones and sneezing.

9 thoughts on “ever wonder what the creative process looks like as a map?? ever want to hear some bad banjo??

  1. Holy crap. That is the best thing ever. You should have a show on the Home and Creating Network. You should be making so much money. Nicely done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you dear pal o mine and esteemed member of the brain trust. You are the awesomest for saying that. 🙂 We are rich already in so many ways, but I’m all for that big boatload of cash. Bring it on!!
      Plan A.
      Paint, make art, do music, play, eat and drink around the world! Yes!
      Plan B.
      Keep doing what what we do already which is damn close!

  2. I enjoy your videos immensely. You are fun, funny, real and so thoughtful to share creative process map & all you do. I love hearing you play the banjo too, just sounds so cool. Peace, Donna

    • Hahaaa! Donna you are too nice! My banjo playing is a little rough on the ears, but thank you so much. It’s so much fun and that’s what counts. 🙂

  3. I adore you. Thank you for the creative video. I am going to a Discovery Art Retreat this weekend, to Discover why art and play are so important. This video of yours has helped me tremendously, especially Mr. Deadline…crucial point!

    Your energy is contagious….thank you for sharing.

    Danita Lyn

    • Dear Danita Lyn,

      OHHHHH! you are going to have the most wonderful time!! I am excited for you! let it rip and enjoy every second!!
      Thanks so much for making my day!!!

  4. ohmygawsh. just stumbled onto this little bit of bloggy happiness…aka your mad banjo skills. love! LOVE! + the pep talk ain’t too bad either. thanks for sharing. had a good smile, ear to ear and a chuckle.

  5. lynn, genius! love how you’ve simplified the process which included both ‘break’ and the ever important deadline (which i love/hate) and recently started calling it a lifeline. the banjo: rocks.

  6. Buongiorno. È la prima occasione che visito il sito e vi ringrazio per permettermi di

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