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A song for you and more stuff I am not good at



Here’s a question….. What in your art making practice feels like dessert??

Or maybe what activity in your life feels like the easy, tasty, good part??

The bit in your day that feels like going to the hip, friendly, new frozen yogurt store and indulging in a yummy, cold, sweet treat. The place where you get to put on as many toppings as you like and even get seconds??? (sub-text I have a new addiction to YogurtLand) 

This question came up yesterday while chatting about why we do “new” stuff instead of what we are “supposed to do” 

I like painting outdoors. I suck at it, but love it. It makes me hop out of bed and dash off to the lake or any beautiful spot to paint with friends or by myself. It’s my art making dessert. So today, after a morning painting, I came to the studio to work, and something happened. I know it was the thing that I was secretly hoping for, but didn’t know how to do. I accidently fused an altered landscape painting with old photos IN A WAY I THINK MIGHT WORK! It’s too soon to tell, but I might have stumbled on something that merges my two favorite things. YEHAAA!

So………. maybe that is why we do the stuff we are not good at? Why we eat dessert first?

Is it because there something in that small desire, that wants to pull you towards a bigger or fuller experience? Is it about growth? About a happy expansion of your world? I hope so and I think so.

So, now, I will sing you a song.

Seriously, it’s bad. and dopey and I am not good at singing, and marginal at playing guitar, but I like it so much, so here goes.

It’s just for you, and it’s called Have a nice day.


Author: lynnwhipple

I am a girl and an artist. Short list of things I love: art, artists, painting, collage, mixed media, funny stuff, altered photographs, all things outdoors, freedom, smart stuff,music, writing, orange dogs and one eyed cats, all animals, chocolate, color, laughing, ideas, creativity, games, learning, dancing, yoga, summer, night time, cell phones and sneezing.

16 thoughts on “A song for you and more stuff I am not good at

  1. another thing I am not good at!! hahaha!!
    your song is stuck on buffering, yes?? I am working on it, hopefully I can get it going.
    until then

    La la la la la la laaaaa la la ala alaaaaaaaaa


  2. That song makes me feel so happy each and every time I listen. You have a gift and a generous spirit.

    Tonight I ate a cream filled donut while lying in bed.

    Pamela says hi (very slowly).

  3. I thought your song was charming and you have a lovely pure voice! My desserts are many I think. From the ideas, to drawing them and then the execution…I think I especially love creating new jewelry designs, something I can wear or share. A new set of beads out of the kiln that turned out better than I thought is another piece of dessert. And then playing with new mediums and accidentally creating something I love that I had no idea I was capable of, that is also a delicious piece of dessert!

  4. Hi Maria!

    OOOOOO, you are very lucky to have so many desserts! That’s the way it should be, and the way so many creatives hope their days will play out. There is such a satisfaction in finding a drawing or a sketch of an idea that has become fully realized. To see the seeds of your thoughts become real, that’s good stuff.I agree about the happy accidents that happen as well, I think those little surprises spur on growth more than we might be aware. I bet the kiln offers so many nice gifts! Like opening a present!

    We are lucky to get to make stuff and share it. Its a good adventure.

    p.s. thanks for liking my little song! Have a great day!

  5. Huskily melodious your voice is.

    Dessert for me is smooshing paint on a big canvas. In different colors. With a wide brush.


    • Hello to YOU!

      I like your description, makes me feel all smoky lounge and dry martini-ish. thank you!
      OH YES to the smooshing paint, I know exactly what you mean! We call is gooshing the paint round here. very deserty indeed!!

      so nice to hear from you!

  6. Good morning, Lynn!

    I listened to your song and it made me smile…a lovely way to start a new day! I think your singing voice is charming and beautiful. Cheers to you for being brave enough to share. I always tell myself that I can’t paint, but when I take painting workshops or use it in my work, I tend to revel in the experience of moving this unfamiliar medium around with a brush. Nothing else feels like that. I am very precise in my work, so painting is rather freeing…perhaps I should be brave and do more…


      Colette and I were just talking about the glorious act of SMOOSHING or GOOSHING the paint. I think it’s an expression of pure freedom, with the added joy of color! Why not enjoy that dessert as often as you can? I think if we pay attention to all those little sparks in our world, they become incorporated in our larger experience. Maybe they sneak in and show up all shiny and happy one day. It’s like the threads that Rachel was talking about, we just follow them, and they start to weave together. They add up to a larger pleasure. All I know is it’s fun and feels like discovery, which is good stuff!
      p.s. I am so glad you enjoyed the song!

  7. Haaa haaa, I listened to the song before I read your post. I guess I went for the desert first!! Such a sweet, sweet voice you have!

    Strange and unexpected connections happen all the time so long as I’m making threads to be woven. Right now my threads are swimming, appreciating my sweet man, teach my old dog new tricks (like enjoying ridding in the van), playing games on Lumosity, and cleaning out closets. All this is fuel for my writing and client work.

      I love what you wrote! Dessert first is the way to go! Yes to the silvery threads that are being so beautifully made and woven. Your life speaks to all those connections, small and large.

      Speaking of teaching old dogs new tricks, you have been such an inspiration and a true support for my recent goings on. I have to say, your happy and brilliant venture has been so helpful to me. I would imagine just about anyone who needs a little nudge with procrastination and tools to get more out of your day, would feel more productive. I have long been grateful for your friendship AND now, I love being nagged! who knew??
      Thanks Rachie!
      love to SammyB and the old man!!

  8. Rachel said the word that kept going through my mind – SWEET. Sweet voice, sweet melody, and sweet message.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    You do not know me but I am a friend of Debra Fritts and Jeanie Tomanek (Jeanie and I used to show at the same gallery) and they told me about your work! Love it!!!
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the blog and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the song! Totally made my day!
    Keep on painting and loving,
    Dawn Walker

    • OH! you made my day!! Thank you so much.
      We should all keep singing and loving!!!
      I love those ladies and I love Atlanta. We might be coming up in october to teach a workshop and visit with Paula joerling and Tom haney. If you don’t know them or their work, I bet you
      would totally enjoy it! I hope we get to meet in person. I will bring my guitar and canjo, we can gather Deb and Frank and all make up
      Songs together.

  10. lynnie, i loved your song and your sweet voice and brave humor! found myself sqeenking back tears and laughing at the same time!! wish i could share you with the entire world! you are a little piece of candy to me!

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