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Here’s to doing things we are not good at.



glorious place to be


I am wondering why some of us are drawn to do things that we are not good at? 

and, by we, I guess I mean me.

I am so enamored with painting landscapes outdoors. I’ve been dabbling with painting for a while now, and I might, as of today, actually gotten worse. But I love it so much. I think it’s the challenge of trying to juggle all the balls of value and composition and drawing and shape making and all that good stuff, while at the same time soaking in NATURE!  You get to create OUTSIDE. Why haven’t I figured this out before?

But I love mixed media too. I have something in my craw about being pulled in different directions. I am wrestling with the intrinsic value of trying new things, vs staying on course and building your way to the top of  a specific site.

It would be simpler and easier to stay on one track and much more logical than spreading your interests too wide. Like a flood light scattering lots of light, or the intense beam of a tightly focused laser. 

Yet, there are so many wonderful things to do and experience and discover. I imagine those explorations will lead you to the next thing that you wish to lavish your full attention on, the thing you want to roll around in and enjoy fully.

Learning new stuff gets you to the next big thang, and there is value in that.

So in the spirit of new things, in my next post, I will sing you a song, something else I am not good at, but love.


Author: lynnwhipple

I am a girl and an artist. Short list of things I love: art, artists, painting, collage, mixed media, funny stuff, altered photographs, all things outdoors, freedom, smart stuff,music, writing, orange dogs and one eyed cats, all animals, chocolate, color, laughing, ideas, creativity, games, learning, dancing, yoga, summer, night time, cell phones and sneezing.

6 thoughts on “Here’s to doing things we are not good at.

  1. Oh, I can’t wait for your song!!!

    Great post, btw.

    • thank you my dear! Its a little scary, but what the heck!!
      I love your new book, it looks sooooooo cool! I am a big fan of your work and your style, and mostly your great sense of humor!
      silly girl!!

  2. I think you should continue to spread those interests! What a lovely way to make are, outside! Riki

    • Thank you Riki!!

      Out of my art making day, painting outside it like the dessert part.
      I hope your work is going well, I need to visit your blog and check up on you!
      ps. I wonder what is the thing of your art making day that you consider dessert?? we need to expand on that right??

  3. I think it is great to try new things. I have tried work in a multitude of different media, and I find that I can incorporate all these different forms of experimentation into a mixed media piece. And the mixed media piece turns out to be all the richer for having tried those other media along the way. So here’s to doing things that don’t come easily or naturally to us! Let’s stretch those artistic muscles!

      I whole heartedly agree!!!
      The richer the experience the better! I find this “richer” thing works in artwork, in coffee, in chocolate mousse, in lobster bisuque…….. in men…… hhahaaaa



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