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summer travel and exciting new workshops to announce!



fun at Bennett Gallery


Summer is coming and off we go! It’s show season!  We just returned from an opening at Bennett Gallery in Nashville, TN.  It was great to see the newly renovated space and great to be with fellow artists and friends. Nashville has wonderful places to eat drink and just plain hangout and talk art. One of our favorite spots is a restaurant called LIME. Beyond super Yum. Lime is the  first place I ever enjoyed a spicy hot pepper mojotio. Cool and refreshing while warm and tingly. The space itself is worth a visit. Its one of those great looking places that makes you want to entirely redesign your house.

A cool coffee house to sit and sip and watch all the cute Vanderbilt University students is called Fido. Good coffee, nice space, good vibe. Thanks to our pal John Brown, who not only is our rep, but show us all the great spots in town, and makes us laugh!!  Loves ya JB

Now our sites are set for the next three shows and a great workshop hosted by our favorite store in Kerrytown, Michigan, FOUND!  Mary and Sylvia make this a perfect spot to be inspired. You will find great, handpicked pieces and parts to use in your own work and an interesting collection of stuff for any creative life. Mary has an eye that is spot on! They recently traveled to France to bring us back lovely Parisian flea market finds. My personal favorite’s are the beautiful pale blue envelopes and letters with the lyrical french handwriting.

FOUND will be hosting both John and I for a set of three workshops July 16, 17 and 18th, which is the weekend right before the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. The workshops are all about Mixed Media, Collage, Surface design and of course FUN! 

Check them out at

FOUND  is right next to Zingermans Deli, one of those deli’s worth traveling miles and miles to go to. Seriously! The best pickles and sandwiches EVER!!


Author: lynnwhipple

I am a girl and an artist. Short list of things I love: art, artists, painting, collage, mixed media, funny stuff, altered photographs, all things outdoors, freedom, smart stuff,music, writing, orange dogs and one eyed cats, all animals, chocolate, color, laughing, ideas, creativity, games, learning, dancing, yoga, summer, night time, cell phones and sneezing.

7 thoughts on “summer travel and exciting new workshops to announce!

  1. Hello Lynn and John,
    I was in Found yesterday…picking up a few treasures and at the check out I see this advertisement for your workshops….OMGosh…could this be trickery of some sort? No sir…you really are coming to teach. I signed up as soon as I got home. Super excited to attend…
    July cannot come soon enough…welcome back to our humble Ann Arbor ❤

    • Hey Charlene!
      That is fantastic news! We can’t wait! I am so glad you are going to join us! It’s going to be fun and I love FOUND. It is the best. I think if I was going to have a store, I would want it to be just like that, with maybe a little guitar playing area in the corner, just for kicks.
      see you soon!

  2. I am dying to come to a workshop sometime. Maybe you might be interested in doing one here sometime? You could stay and do it here. Think about it (I was singing that part)

    • Oh YEAH! that sounds like a great idea. YOu and Tom are two of the most creative people we know, we would love to do a workshop in the Atlanta area.
      and I was singing that last part with a canjo as backup!
      talk soon!!

  3. nashville’s my town. so glad you enjoyed your visit. love your art!

  4. Hi Lynn, I just met you in Omaha. It was such a great pleasure to meet you!(gave you directions to 2nd Chance) Please let me know if you plan any workshops near Chicago. I would love to take some classes, wasn’t able to make it in to any of your workshops in Omaha. Janey

    • Janie! You were a blast! It was very nice to meet you! I loved Second Chance, you were right, that place was amazing.
      I would lOve to teach in Chicago. We do the Old Town Art Show in June. Please come and visit us there.
      My hubby John is also an artist. You would love his stuff!
      If you can think of a good place to teach a workshop there, let me know!

      All my best!

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